1. H

    Orphaned lamb - feeding

    We have a very young (perhaps a week old?) orphaned lamb. He is feeding well but how do we feed him if we have to go to work?
  2. C

    Baby wheezing post feed.

    I've got a baby that I'm bottle feeding she's only 4days old and had been taking to it fine. However, I noticed today after feeding that she was wheezing. I tapped her sides to get her to cough, which she did but I can't get her to cough all of it up. She's whining softly when she exhales along...
  3. Carla D

    Bottle/milk bar plans

    im thinking it’s time to start using a different method to feed all eight of my young bucks. They are getting to big to sit on my lap, and I can’t keep three others from jumping into my lap at the same time. The boys do have horns. I’m trying to find the money to have them removed before it’s...
  4. shepherdO

    Rate my Field/Grass quality

    I have my sheep in 2 separate fields at the moment, and am not sure if/when I need to start supplementing them with (eg) additional hay/grain, etc. I plan to breed a bunch of them in about a month, so I know I need to flush them - I've already started with a bit of grain supplementation, and a...
  5. shepherdO

    Are my Ewes too fat?

    What thinkest thou? I have two rambouillet-suffolk crosses I've recently inherited, both about 5 years old, and both seem very fat to me. Their wool is actually not super deep (1 inch?) so, yep, that's all body. We've nicknamed them Hippo and Rhino :) I'm not yet at the stage where I can...
  6. W

    Am I starving my goats or what?

    I just started my herd 2 weeks ago. I have 3 Nigerian dwarfs. on is a 3 year old doe in milk and the other 2 are 14 week old doelings. I am giving grain to the doe twice a day at milking. My question is about alfalfa consumption. I have a feeder in their small barn that is made with 2"X4" ag...
  7. M

    Introducing and feeding pigs of different sizes

    We live in Hawaii and keep wild caught Polynesian pigs (they’re a big nuisance to most farmers) in a mobile pasture system. As such we get pigs at different times so they’re all different sizes and ages. We started with a set of 3 siblings: two barrows and a gilt, but we had to separate the...
  8. Dwarfgoatnoob


    I recently bought a Nigerian dwarf goat and he barely eats the hay we got for him. I looked it up and it said he could eat Timothy grass but he doesn’t seem to like it. We might try and bring him to a supply store and see what he likes.im worried about him someone help
  9. Kirsten miller

    Conditioning and keeping weight on lionhead show rabbits

    Hi y'all! So I've been raising rabbits for 15 years (minirex) and they were so easy to care for I have unlimited hay and pretty much food and everything was great I never had any issues. This year I decided to start raising lionheads and oh boy I'm going through trouble! I have 3 juniors and a...
  10. D

    Please Help: Feeding Elderly Alpaca

    Hello, I have a 20 year old alpaca. He is blind and allergic to bermuda hay (vet confirmed) and needs grain to maintain his weight. I am unable to get the feed I was feeding anymore (mazuri alpaca growth formula) and can only get the chews, which he won't eat as they are too large. I am...
  11. DaisythePig

    My centipede grass is taking over my pasture grass!

    Anyone know how to get rid of centipede grass or good? It's taking over all my pasture grass! Any advice? Thank you
  12. E

    Questions about the care of backyard Nigerian Dwarf Goat wethers

    Hi! I'm Elise, I just joined. I'd like to introduce myself and ask a few questions. My family and I are looking into purchasing two or three young NDG wethers to have as companions/pets in our backyard (don't worry, there's space.) Since we will likely be bringing them home around mid-July...
  13. 1crazybird

    blue eyed beautiful (shy) buck

    I have been working on this beautiful boy (dodge) buck. He is so painfully shy, I say painful because it is a pain to get any work done on him! I love him dearly and have been making myself present everyday. I guess this is not a question type thread but more of a progressive thread about...
  14. T

    First Miniature Donkey - feeding questions

    Hi everyone! We just brought home our first mini donk last night. He is 6 month old and a real sweet boy. I live in SW FL and the 1 acre pasture he is in does not have much grass for him to forage on. I have a lot of trees and they shade out grass, plus our sandy soil doesn't grow much anyway...
  15. Ninjafarmer

    Hay vs browsing

    We are getting a family of four Nigerian Dwarf Goats for milking. I'd like to see comments about pros and cons of goats eating more from browsing vs from hay. I've heard its best for them to feed browsing as much as possible. We have pasture with limited browsing. Thanks!!
  16. Ninjafarmer

    Choosing the right hay

    Truly impressed by this site and content so far! Brand new farmer here. Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd/family of 4. Kids born in April. Mom, 1 doe, 2 wethers. Planning to milk and maybe breed this fall. I've seen good posts on how much hay, but how do I chose from the different hay available...