1. E

    Sheep on 1/2 acre?

    Is it realistic to have 2 milk sheep on 1/2 acre? There's already chain link all around. If the space is adequate, how would the fence need to be modified to keep them in? Thanks!
  2. MargaretClare

    Cattle/Feedlot Panels vs Field Fence

    Looking for opinions on cattle panels vs field fence for my buck pen. Pros and cons of either? What animals do you keep in them and how do they hold up? The field fence is cheaper for like twice as much length but I'm worried about the bucks rubbing the fence and stretching or warping it. On...
  3. NoviceHomesteader

    HELP! Advice on goat fencing

    Hi all! I know this is a FAQ but we need some fencing advice. We just purchased 18 acres that has about 2.5 acres already cleared (not counting the land the house is on). We have a mutual friend that is going through a divorce and getting rid of his 2 miniature horses and 4 goats (unknown...
  4. M

    Building Goat Home

    We're finally building a forever fence and barn for our goats, how much space do they need? It'll be 2 does (for now). I'd like to add a mini donkey in the near future as well...
  5. DaisythePig

    Need help with building secure fence for dog that runs away!

    Does anyone know how to build a fence for a dog that can dig out. My dog runs away and i need a secure fence for him. Any advice welcome! Thanks
  6. WildOaksManor

    Vinyl Ranch fencing....with goats?

    Now obviously, 3 rail vinyl fencing and goats do not mix, but we moved into a home on 5 acres, which is perimeter fenced with 3 rail vinyl. I am trying to figure out what the best way would be to fence in pasture area for my Nigerians. My husband wants to throw up T-posts and 2x4 wire fencing...
  7. G

    Fence Posts in North AL

    Howdy, folks. I'm looking to build (or have built) some horse fencing, in particular my wife wants about 350 feet of 5' non-climb woven wire and round wooden posts. Our soil is very high in clay. Most of the local "professionals" dig and cement the posts in place, and they generally claim to...
  8. mandi224

    Affordable goat fencing options?

    We have just over 3.5 acres on our new little homestead and ultimately we're hoping to keep 2 or 3 Nigerian Dwarf does. The breeder we've been talking to just let us know she has a doe due Jan. 8 that she *may* be willing to sell WITH her kids. So now I'm scrambling to get everything ready just...