first time breeding

  1. M

    Goat balls on the small side??

    Hi all! Long time page lurker, first time member/poster! 😂 Thoughts on this 9 month old buckling? His testicles are almost non-existent. I reached out to the breeder for help, as this is my first time breeding, and shared a picture of one of hers about the same age. My guy doesn’t even...
  2. cedarhillfiberfarm

    So many sheep breeds to choose from!

    I already have four angora goats, but I would like to add a few sheep as well. I am limited in barn space, I'd say two regular sized sheep, or three small ones to fit comfortably. My angora goats are on the small and gentle side, so I want to stay with small and gentle sheep. (I know you're...
  3. 4HGoatGirl

    1st Time Breeding! Dos and Donts Please?!

    We just picked up our doe from her breeding. Owner of the buck said it was successful and there was a lot of action. She's home with her fellow does. This is my first time with a pregnant goat. What are the dos and donts? She has free access to an acre of pasture and gets hay every morning. Is...