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  1. cedarhillfiberfarm

    Finally getting my first sheep!

    I am finally getting my first sheep! One is a Cormo x Finn and the other one is a Shetland. Both ewes needed a retirement home where they would never risk getting bred, and my farm is the perfect place! I have goats, and I feel like I know basic sheep needs, but I'd love to hear your advice...
  2. cedarhillfiberfarm

    So many sheep breeds to choose from!

    I already have four angora goats, but I would like to add a few sheep as well. I am limited in barn space, I'd say two regular sized sheep, or three small ones to fit comfortably. My angora goats are on the small and gentle side, so I want to stay with small and gentle sheep. (I know you're...
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    BYH Official Poll: What are the things that you should consider before buying herds?

    So you are planning to get you own herd of animals and is super excited to get started! But, before making some impulsive purchases and biting more than you can chew, it is best to make a list of the reasons why you want to buy animals, where you are going to house them, how you are going to...