1. N

    New small barn- ventilation and flooring help?

    Hi folks! 3 months behind schedule, but my framers have finally started on my barn, and I have some questions about ventilation, floor substrate and etc. I have 2 bred Toggenburg does arriving in a few weeks (kidding in February), and will grow into a small herd of goats and maybe also a few...
  2. C

    Need suggestions on flooring for goat shelter

    Hello all! My ND babies come home in two weeks so we are working hard to get ready for them to be here - super excited! I bought this woodshed for their shelter but need suggestions on ways to make the floor solid so their little hooves don't slip through and get injured. The slats between are...
  3. WildOaksManor

    Waterproofing a wood goat barn floor - Pls ADVISE

    We have a small 18'x24' "barn" that was built on a slope, (with posts and an elevated chipboard subfloor) with the intention of becoming a chicken "mansion". As the build-out progressed, we realized it was too nice to put chickens in, and it sat empty all fall and winter while we tried to decide...