1. River Farm

    How much foraging area do Boer goats need?

    I am wondering how much foraging space Boer goats in a slightly forested area need when they are unsuplimented with feed.
  2. Beekissed

    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    ...and loving it! Getting back into sheep in a small way and need a place to journal about it all. Starting again with Katahdins, my fave breed, and will keep a very small herd of one full time ram, a wether and a few ewes until I see what my pasture can support. Won't have the wether until...
  3. Bayleaf Meadows

    Good plant/bad plant for goats?

    I have some plants (weeds) that I am not sure of their value to goats- either good or bad. I try to I D them and sometimes I am successful, sometimes not. In either case, I still am not sure whether they are good or bad for goats. There are threads that ask about one specific plant (like...
  4. lcertuche

    Gardening With Pigs Now this is a good way to get tomatillos.
  5. chiques chicks

    Sunn hemp

    Sunn hemp, anyone use it as forage? My reading says it has about a 60 day cycle time, high protien in the leaves (~30%), and doesn't seed in most of the United States due to its lack of cold hardiness. It also is said to be good at adding nitrogen the soil when mowed. Higher is said to be 4-6...