1. peteyfoozer

    Peteyfoozer’s Journey (because journaling’s not enough)

    In 2007, we left my home of almost 30 years, along with my training operation (I spent my life as a professional horse trainer) my family and my friends, and took a job on a 250,000 acre cattle ranch in SE Oregon beneath the Steens We are 2 hours from closest town, which has very little to...
  2. pigeongirl

    Safe Herbs for goats??

    Can goats eat herbs? I grow all kinds for my rabbits and would like to grow some for my goat. Is there any thant I need to avoid?
  3. lcertuche

    Gardening With Pigs Now this is a good way to get tomatillos.
  4. promiseacres

    Food swap

    A friend has discovered a semi local "food" swap am very intrigued and considering attending. Anyone food swap? Tips? Frankly if I went I might just consider starting one more locally.