goat breeding

  1. goatbarn25

    Is my goat pregnant?

    I have an Alpine doe, who was exposed to a billy goat August 18-September 18. I normally would have left her in with him longer, but I wasn't able to with life the way it was. I have had goats for going on three years, but this is my first time with a seasonal breeder. I have always been able to...
  2. P

    Oberhasli heat in May?

    Hello, I have a friend who recently purchased a supposedly pregnant Oberhasli goat. I went to take a look at her because the friend is a new goat owner and was worried about the goat being past her due date. I wasn’t able to take photos but this goat did not look in the least close to kidding...
  3. G

    Same questions different person

    Hello, Another newbie here with pretty much the same questions. I am in Northeast MS. Around Tupelo. I am thinking I may want to get into goat farming. Now I don't know what kind of goat farming, I would really like to converse with someone from around my area and tell me what and how to farm...
  4. G

    Hello From Northeast Mississippi

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie from Tupelo MS. Area. I have to say this is a wonderful group y'all have here, lots of expertise and knowledge. For the past 10 years I have heard many times about a meat goat shortage. I guess I am asking if this is are was true? I am a disabled senior that has...