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  1. G

    Same questions different person

    Hello, Another newbie here with pretty much the same questions. I am in Northeast MS. Around Tupelo. I am thinking I may want to get into goat farming. Now I don't know what kind of goat farming, I would really like to converse with someone from around my area and tell me what and how to farm...
  2. G

    Hello From Northeast Mississippi

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie from Tupelo MS. Area. I have to say this is a wonderful group y'all have here, lots of expertise and knowledge. For the past 10 years I have heard many times about a meat goat shortage. I guess I am asking if this is are was true? I am a disabled senior that has...
  3. Thatdaywewokeupasfarmers

    Lost Two Goats In a Month

    The only thing I asked for this Christmas was a goat. I already had two Alpines does that I loved, but I've always been fond of those big floppy ears on a Nubian. After months of researching, I finally found what seemed like the perfect girl. She was gorgeous, the right price, registered, and...
  4. MaggieSims

    My Ali is now getting help! updated pictures

    Hello all! I got this goat bred in winter, and she kidded in January. Her condition was decent, not awesome, but not rescue either. I kept her well fed, and milked her fit several months. I noticed her getting a bit skinny, so i decided to stop milking. Overall I have noted several issues I...
  5. Green Acres Farm

    Best disbudding iron

    What is the best and quickest disbudding iron for goats? Thanks!
  6. Green Acres Farm

    Disbudding with local anesthesia

    Does anybody have experience with disbudding with local anaesthesia? Any tips? How hard is it to get the nerve? And yes, I know lidocaine can be very dangerous in the wrong amounts. We were going to use 1 ml 2% lidocaine with epinephrine diliuted with 3 ml of sterile water. Then divide that into...
  7. Green Acres Farm

    Plants Poisonous to Goats

    Please name a poisonous plant to goats and post a picture to go with it. There are plenty of lists of plants poisonous to goats, but I have yet to see one with pictures. 1) Azaleas
  8. Green Acres Farm

    Hermaphrodites and Polled goats

    Please post why or why not you think the polled goat gene is linked to hermaphrodicism. I have heard both claims and am interested in what other people know or think. Thanks!
  9. Green Acres Farm

    Best goat resources

    Tennessee Meat Goats is probably the most helpful for me, then Fiasco Farms, although FF has some inaccurate information. I have Goat Medicine, which is HUGE, but I wish it had more pictures and dosages. What are some other great resources?
  10. GAF

    First Fresheners

    I have a Saanen FF who is giving 2 quarts a day. I also have a FF Nigerian Dwarf who gives a quart a day. Should I expect an increase in milk production in future years, or is that about as good as it will get?☺