1. MatthewsHomestead

    Kudzoo, Give me Kudzoo, so say the goats!

    Ok, so I've heard over and over that no grazing animal likes kudzoo. Total horse crock! The stuff is like crack to my goats. Here they are in my jungle I attempt to call garden, and all they want is the kudzoo thicket out back on someone else's land!
  2. Feo

    Weak Goat won't eat

    Hey, i just got back on town from a 3 week trip. When I left my 9 year old Saanen was fine, but now she is very weak and won't eat. She definatly has worms which I already treated with cydectin from the vet and SafeGuard. I believe she must've gotten them from the baby kiko I had a month ago...
  3. Goat Shaman

    Want to Build a Goat Barn

    I want to build a goat barn but I don't know where to begin. I milk my goats, and I want a barn where I can keep my feed and milk my does. They are in a fenced in area with a dinky little shelter and I think they need something better than a little shelter. Their feed is in my house and I...
  4. Feo

    Sick, wormy, lice infested, baby goat

    Hey people! First things first, this is NOT my goat. It is my neighbors, I just brought it home because I am more suitable for helping it at this point. He is a 4(?) Month old kiko cross. Very tiny. He is extremly wormy, I belive the worms have become immune to the wormer my neighbors use...
  5. Tracy Jones

    New Member from Harrisonville, MO area

    Hi all. I’ve been using your knowledge and tips and opinions for a while now. I really think I did sign up at some point in the near past, but it seems I can’t make any of my emails work so --- go figure. Anyway, so while not a complete newbie, I am new to being a registered “info” and...
  6. Duck lover88

    Can I keep a jack with pregnant does?

    Hey y'all I might buy a jack (not gelded) donkey, and we have 4 goats due to kid on Friday so I was wondering if the jack would try to kill the kids when they are born or what he would do??… We want him for a guardian for them all… So would it be ok If I get the jack before they kid or should I...
  7. AudieWarren

    What kind of goat is this?

    So recently my stepson bought a cute little goat from the auction. Will after about 2 weeks, he(the goat) found his way to our house. He made himself home with my chickens and turkeys. Well we have since paid my stepson for the little guy. I'm just curious what breed or breeds he might be. It...
  8. WeizenfelderGal

    Small Farm "DO I NEED Scrapie Tags?" (New Member)

    Hi, I am new here and fairly new to Goats and Sheep too! I just added two of my 1st Sheep. The lady handed me these two metal things. Said they were Scrapie tags? What even is that! Do I need them If I don't plan to eat my sheep? I now have 9 goats and 2 Sheep. Most are just pets, do I...
  9. S

    Goat mama from Texas

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I found the link online so thought I would join and meet some new goat friends. I have had mini Nubian goats now for about 5 years and just love them. We are al ost at the end of birthing season. So far have had 24 babies. My name is Kathy and I live in the Texas...
  10. CrockpotGodess

    Hay loft questions, windows/vents

    We are getting two mini's end of March. We are building a gambrel roofed shed w loft so we can store hay. We have not settled on the size yet. We looked at a 10 by 12 w a loft approx 1/3 the floor space of the shed. We thought we would make the loft larger, maybe L shaped for more storage...
  11. Farmer Connie

    NIGHT VISION with some of our Goats.

    Total darkness. Hanging out with the herd.
  12. G

    Same questions different person

    Hello, Another newbie here with pretty much the same questions. I am in Northeast MS. Around Tupelo. I am thinking I may want to get into goat farming. Now I don't know what kind of goat farming, I would really like to converse with someone from around my area and tell me what and how to farm...
  13. G

    Hello From Northeast Mississippi

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie from Tupelo MS. Area. I have to say this is a wonderful group y'all have here, lots of expertise and knowledge. For the past 10 years I have heard many times about a meat goat shortage. I guess I am asking if this is are was true? I am a disabled senior that has...
  14. Gabby

    [NC] I have a doeling that needs a warm home, if anyone is interested!

    I'm sorry if this is against the rules in anyway, but I'm not sure how often goat owners check the sale/adoption boards! I have a little doeling that needs to go to a home where she can have a heated barn or be kept warm ASAP. She is listed in the sale/trade/adoption board if anyone would like...
  15. Gabby

    [NC] Sweet little doeling needs a heated home, fast!

    Hello members of BYH! I have a sweet little doeling that's struggling in this cold weather. She is some sort of a nubian cross that was given to me by my grandfather, along with several other goats, shortly before he passed away. Bitsy is the sweetest little girl ever, who loves cuddles...
  16. Gabby

    Goat Relapsing Anemia, Snowed in With No Vet! Help!

    Hello everyone! I have a tiny goat that seems to be prone to illness. She is a boer/nubian that is seven months old, but was in a set of twins and born very, very small while her sibling was born normal size. At seven months, she only weighs seventeen pounds. I was recently given a goat that...
  17. chickens454

    considering getting goats

    so we found this lady on Facebook that has some goats. she has 2 three year olds and a 6 moths old she dosent know the breeds but she says that there average goats. they haven t ever been milked but one has a kid before (that's the 6 month old). I plan on getting one of the 3 year olds and then...
  18. Lambchop98


    Hi! I have a 20 day old baby goat that I’ve been bottle feeding since she was 4 days old. I fed her replacer but switched her to whole milk because she needed more fat. She seemed to be doing really well on the cows milk but all of a sudden yesterday at her 4PM feeding she would only eat about 1...
  19. G

    Hay for goats

    I have 3 goats, they eat 4lbs a day how many square bales of hay do I need for winter approx 6 months
  20. E

    Pet playgrounds fencing?

    Hi. We're getting the pet playgrounds fencing for our dogs and I was wondering if anyone had tried it with their goats. We'll be getting Nigerian dwarfs. I've spoken to the pet playgrounds people and they said it should be fine, but I wanted to see if anyone had actually used it before we...