great pyrenees

  1. C

    My pyr is aggressive with one of my goats

    I have a great pyr buddy who's about ten months old in with our pyr mix Maggie who's nine months old, and two Nubian does and a whether, eleven months old. Our whether, Forrest, has taken to fighting with buddy, and buddy has decided to fight back, and has bit Forrest several times, and has drew...
  2. BrendaMNgri

    Great Pyrenees and Pyrenean Mastiff Film

  3. L

    New Puppy coming!

    I have decided to take the plunge and get a puppy to keep my almost-8-moths-old Great Pyrenees company. I posted about my woes with my Great Pyr a couple of months ago and described some of the troubles I was having with him. I got some very good advice and have been working with him diligently...
  4. L

    Great Pyr size

    I just had my 7-month-old male Great Pyrenees weighed at the vet,and he is only 58 lbs. He is healthy in every way and has free access to food. The vet says that he will probably not reach 100 lbs. That's fine with me,as long as he's healthy,but I was surprised because both of his parents are...
  5. Ourparadise

    For Sale: LGD Great Pyrenees Puppies-Iowa

    *SOLD* All of our puppies have found their new forever farms/families! We are a small sheep farm in South central Iowa. We currently have livestock guardian Great Pyrenees puppies from working parents and grandparents. Both parents are on site. Are full Pyrenees but are not papered. Our Pyrs...
  6. SapphireRanch&Homestead

    NC, VA- Great Pyrenees Guardian Dog Puppies

    Beautiful, full blooded, Great Pyrenees puppies for sale. Puppies come from working parents, and have been started on their livestock training guarding my goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and horse. They were born in Easter (April 16th.), of this year. All puppies are UTD on deworming...
  7. Southern by choice

    Callie Returns to Her Field 1 Year Later!

    Callie has been in heat and now that she is finally and I mean FINALLY out I decided to return her to her boys! All her boys! :) Kiko Bucks and "D" and "Tiggs"! She is in great weight too! 135lbs! Tiggs had gotten so fat we put him on a diet so he is down to 140 +... D is well, just massive...