hatching eggs


    Sweet result of doing nothing 🤣

    So, yesterday I was freaking out about my new chick hatching 🐣 and @Baymule @Beekissed @Tre3hugger @messybun all were very helpful.They all said one thing: DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE CHICK WHILE HATCHING IS IN PROGRESS!!!! Except @messybun who is very kind and seems to be just as wise. ❤️ Anyway...
  2. S

    Broody hen day 23

    I have a hen that went broody for a while and after about almost 2 weeks of sitting on her eggs my son mistakenly took her eggs and we weren’t sure which ones they were so got rid of the whole basket. she laid some more eggs as did some of the other chickens in the same box and she is still in...
  3. Feathers & Fluff

    Fertile Hatching Eggs! Silkie/Satin/Showgirl/Frizzles Can ship!

    Hatching eggs available. $48 per dozen. POSSIBLE assortment of bearded silkies, showgirls, AND/OR satins ( frizzles are possible with all breeds). Colors will vary, POSSIBILITIES are white, paint, black, cuckoo, buff, partridge, grey, splash, blue, red pyle. Pickup in Springville, Alabama or...