1. A

    Early heat in Nigerian dwarf?

    We had two baby girls (star and jab jab) born on december 25th 2018, and Jab Jab (now 6 months old) just had a baby, if the gestation period is ~5 months that must mean she got pregnant at 1 month old, right? How does that happen??
  2. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Litter of 5, only one left

    Hi all, my doe Paprika just had her first litter Sunday evening. There were 5 babies. I checked on them Monday morning (which is when I counted them), by taking the whole nest box out of the cage and putting them in a bowl lined with a towel. They were active and squeaking a little so I only had...
  3. R

    ND FF Mystery

    Hello back yard herd fam! I have a Nigerian Dwarf doe 1 1/2 years old and 65 lbs. She was bred to a buck on April 4th and was due today (145 days) September 22nd. She is obnoxiously loud when she is in heat and after she was "bred" to the buck she stopped going into heat. She gained 4 inches...
  4. Dwarfgoatnoob

    9 month old Nigerian dwarf

    can my 9 month dwarf survive in the cold? the temperature won’t drop below 15 degrees. Will he be ok or do I need heaters/heat lamps? Any input helps. New to this
  5. Kaye

    Kaye's bunny journal

    I've had rabbits before, but it has been a long time since I've had more than one at a time. We got my buck, Thumper, three, almost four years ago and I got him a doe two months back, Blossom. I was told that she didn't take care of her litters. They had a litter of nice, healthy kits and...
  6. Toby Baillon

    Goat on heat... tale tale signs?

    Hi, My black nubian goat is just 6 1/2 months old and has been acting up lately. She is noisy (more so that usual), horny - I mean butting a little more than normal, and a little swollen at her back end. Plus I noticed she poos less. I imagine this may be because she is coming on heat for the...