1. First Time Goat.Mum

    Purple Disbudding Spots?

    So today I decided to research and make sure our goats were properly disbudded and banded. After looking at a few things I saw that ours were not as most people’s looked. From what I saw most were brown and copper but ours are a deep purple. The dsibudding was done about two weeks ago but the...
  2. F

    Ingrown Horns

    My mini zebu cow is about six year old now and her horns, which had always had a downward angle, took a sudden inward turn. Before the turn, Rose's horns would have grown past her face but are now angling for her eyes. She's heavily pregnant, with her due date somewhere in the next week at most...
  3. newton the goat

    will she have horns?

    So me being relatively new to sheep farming, i don't know much about other breeds besides the Katahdins we have. I ended up buying a barbedos black belly/katahdin cross along with the rest of the herd, and from looking at her recently I have discovered little "nubs" on her head. Do barbedos...
  4. Green Acres Farm

    Best disbudding iron

    What is the best and quickest disbudding iron for goats? Thanks!
  5. Green Acres Farm

    Hermaphrodites and Polled goats

    Please post why or why not you think the polled goat gene is linked to hermaphrodicism. I have heard both claims and am interested in what other people know or think. Thanks!
  6. BrokeHenJenn

    Disbudding Iron for Nigerian Dwarfs

    Planning to attempt disbudding my Nigies this next kidding season. What do you experienced ND owners use for a disbudding iron? What is your preferred brand and why? What size tip do you use? I'd rather speed a lot of money up front to get a good quality iron that will last and do the job...
  7. promiseacres

    Horned hair sheep rams

    6 yr painted desert, desert dragon hair sheep, 4 horns (registered ) $ 1200 2 yr old Painted Desert white (not registered ) ram $ 300 reasonable offers considered Location Winamac, Indiana 46996 May trade for meat type hair sheep