1. ButtonHerder

    Would Breeding Horses Be Profitable For Me?

    Hey all :frow so, I was wondering, would it be profitable (or would I lose money) to breed a horse? I would only be getting one mare I would just use someone else’s stud (for a fee) The mare I would get is registered, and the stud would be too. They’re both Morgans Then there’s the question...
  2. Bird_Lover_17

    Horse trail riding?

    Just curious, does anyone have any tips for horse trail riding/ horse camping? :)
  3. Bird_Lover_17

    Western Riding

    Hello! If you click on this link, you will get to see my thread (on BYC) when I was thinking about horses. I have been watching a lot of youtube videos on Enlgish and Western riding. As a child, I remember enjoying western more (when I went horseback riding). Anyways, back to the youtube part...
  4. Bird_Lover_17

    Looking into horses

    Hi. I am looking into horses. I have a thread like this on BYC. Other than spending months learning hands-on with horses, I'm wondering what you peeps on BYH have as advice. Thanks! :celebrate
  5. TaylorBug

    Teaching a horse to ground-tie

    Hi all. I have a 20-year old gelding and since I'm not currently working or in school I decided I would work with him and teach him some new tricks. I wanted to teach him to ground tie, because I believe it would be beneficial for his attitude when handling him and would be a nice skill to have...
  6. TaylorBug

    Cribber- tips?

    Hey all. I have a 20 year old Paint gelding who has cribbed his whole life. I have owned him for about 5 years and he has cribed the whole time. When we bought him, the previous owners gave us a hinge-style collar but I didn't want to put it on him because I didn't have any experiences with...
  7. promiseacres

    Pasture land vs hay fields for horses

    My husband and I are not in agreement with how to best manage our new farm land (20 acres total). We agree with a most things and at first I agreed that in the minimal pasture, more hay ground. But seeing a couple of our older horses not holding their weight with more hay this past summer I am...
  8. A

    New to horses, New job!

    Hi all, I just got a job mucking out stables in exchange for riding/horsemanship lessons. I lived in the city up until about 3 years ago, so although I have EXTENSIVE experience training and working with dogs, cats, and rabbits, ( I worked as a trainer in an animal shelter), I have zero...
  9. A

    What to do with horses during hurricane?

    Wondering what to do with horse during hurricane.
  10. MatthewsHomestead

    Beautiful New Addition

    Ever since I was a kid, growing up around horses, caring for them, learning and growing with them, I have wanted one of my own. Here I am 10-12 years out of the saddle, a bit rusty, and I finally have my very own! It took some shopping around. A let down or two. The first horse I attempted to...
  11. RacehorsesRock

    Need Some Info For A Project

    So guys, hi! I just need some info for a project. I already know all the breeds, just need to know the steps to breeding a horse by.. semen shipping pasture breeding stall breeding (The supervised one, forget actual name) ~Thanks~
  12. RacehorsesRock

    Need Some Info For A Project

    So guys, hi! I just need some info for a project. How to handle... a pregnant mom? a new mom and foal? a weanling? a newly bred mare? a stud? a stallion? a yearling? a two year old? etc. ~Thanks~
  13. RacehorsesRock

    Need Info For A Project

    So guys, hi! I just need some info for a project. Posting any remedies and any health tips or tricks, and how to cure any diseases or injuries, would help me with this project and also help people who need quick help and have no time to post their own thread. ~Thanks~
  14. RacehorsesRock

    Need Info For A Project

    So guys, hi! I just need some info for a project... What to feed bottle babies? What to feed mom while pregnant and with her foal? What to feed weanlings? What to feed newly bred mares? What to feed yearlings? What to feed two year olds? What to feed 3 year olds? What to feed stallions? What...
  15. A

    How much does your average horse cost?

    How much does your average horse cost per year? I'm going to buy a horse and am wondering what the yearly budget will be. Vet. Vaccines. Everything. Thanks
  16. MaggieSims

    Tender Hooves?

    So if you've seen previous posts of mine, i have recently gotten an new mare, oh about a month or more by now. Her feet were long and tender when i got her, but where she was fed primarily had a concrete pad, so i was thinking her feet should feel better after a trim, and being on real ground...
  17. Razadia

    Leather Conditioner

    Yesterday I was going through on of my sheds and found a bridle that I thought was gone. The last time it was used was several years ago on a mare I was supposed to buy, but didn't get the chance before she was hauled off. Think about it for a second. It's been in a dusty shed with no cleaning...
  18. Razadia

    Hello From Alabama

    Hi folks! I'm Razadia from over on BYC. The only herd animal I have is my Mustang, StarBuck. I'm here to pick some brains... right after I try to find what I'm looking for. :lol:
  19. G

    Fence Posts in North AL

    Howdy, folks. I'm looking to build (or have built) some horse fencing, in particular my wife wants about 350 feet of 5' non-climb woven wire and round wooden posts. Our soil is very high in clay. Most of the local "professionals" dig and cement the posts in place, and they generally claim to...
  20. MrsWildside

    Aloha From Hawai'i

    Aloha! My name is Reggie, :frow:frow I live on the beautiful island of Hawai'i & I've been on the site for a few weeks now, and just haven't had the chance to sit down and type an introduction! (oops!) Since I'm partially new at this anything I can read is helpful and any advice is especially...