1. K

    Lambing Shelter?

    I rescued five dorper sheep last month. Two rams and three pregnant females (two of them VERY PG). We quarantined them for two weeks per the advice of out vet. They are ready to go out back to the back 7 acres but should I keep the females in a smaller, separate shelter until after birthing? We...
  2. C

    Need suggestions on flooring for goat shelter

    Hello all! My ND babies come home in two weeks so we are working hard to get ready for them to be here - super excited! I bought this woodshed for their shelter but need suggestions on ways to make the floor solid so their little hooves don't slip through and get injured. The slats between are...
  3. goats&moregoats

    Sharing housing & Pasture?

    Does anyone here house and pasture large breed goats with Nigerians? If so can you tell me how it is working out? I want to get some Nigerians, but don't want to have to build another shelter. The pasture I can divide if necessary. I have had one person tell me not to do it.
  4. CrockpotGodess

    North Eastern setups

    Building barn/shed for 2 mini goats next weekend. Cannot seem to make my mind up on the set up. Keep bumping back and forth between one idea and other. I have the fencing under control. But just really can not decide on housing. There is a multitude of info out there but everyone seems to live...
  5. CrockpotGodess

    Hay loft questions, windows/vents

    We are getting two mini's end of March. We are building a gambrel roofed shed w loft so we can store hay. We have not settled on the size yet. We looked at a 10 by 12 w a loft approx 1/3 the floor space of the shed. We thought we would make the loft larger, maybe L shaped for more storage...
  6. Dwarfgoatnoob

    Osiris the buckling

    I own one buckling 9 months (took him from a friend before I knew much about goats) old and am supposed to be getting two more wethers very soon. I was told I can’t have them together because of testosterone problems but can somebody go into more detail about that please? I can seperate them if...
  7. Jaime

    Was offered some sheep..

    Yikes, So my Grandfather came up to me yesterday and told me he had a friend who's having a hard time keeping his two pet sheep, And was wondering if I could take them in? Now, I've never raised sheep before, Just pigs, Horses, and Goats.. What are they like? What type of housing do they need...
  8. M

    Let's Talk Set ups!! Fencing, housing, etc

    I got such great opinions on my fencing quote thread, but I realized one big thing: we all look for and need different things in our farm set ups! I thought it'd be fun to talk about how we have our farms set up, and for what animals, and climate! Also, PROS and CONS of your current set up...
  9. M

    Indoor vs outdoor rabbitry

    I would like to start a smallscale rabbitry for our homestead. We live in central PA. I'd like to start with 6 rabbits. 3 standard rexes (2 does and a buck) and 3 silver foxes (2 does and a buck). Originally I thought I could keep them indoors. I have a small room in my basement. I had planned...
  10. Thatdaywewokeupasfarmers

    What to Expect When Your Goat's Expecting?

    I'm sure all of my questions could be answered by surfing through the other threads on this site more deeply, but I'm pretty new around here and still feeling my way around. Anyway, my Rosie-girl (two year old Alpine) is pregnant! Her due date is April 17th, and as the time is getting closer...
  11. allergymama

    Hiding Spots? And Manure/urine system?

    We are still in the planning stages and thinking about housing and waste management. Thanks for any tips you can give me! I read in another thread that fear is an issue if we don't provide a "hiding" area (the rabbits can die of fright, I've been reading for several weeks and this is the first...
  12. V

    How do I cage my rabbits efficiently?

    Yes, I'm asking a newbie question. But my last breeding stock died off because caging and ventilation specifications were not met, and this time, I'm done being stupid. And by efficient, I mean money efficient. I don't want to spend 1,000 to house my breeding stock and fryers just for it to be...