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    Grass Identification?

    Hello! We're trying to decide what plants to add to our pasture for better diversity. What I want to know is: How do you identify grasses already growing in your pasture? Thanks in advance!
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    Emergency Fire IDs

    Hello! I live in California and unfortunately we've had awful fire seasons the last few years. I'm trying to plan ahead with ID'S for my animals just in case we have to turn them loose or bring them to an Evac center. I just bought a mane tag from I.C.E. USA, which I'll use for my mini horse...
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    HerdDogg for backyard farmers?

    Hello everyone, I'm Melissa Brandao, CEO of HerdDogg. We're based in Ashland, Oregon and developed a bluetooth based smart tag and reader and animal health platform for producers. You can tag your animals and gather the biometrics directly to your phone or you can use a doggbone to gather data...