1. G

    Help! Injured Dewclaw on my Nursing Doe!

    I trimmed my mother's fainting goat's hooves today. Normally I'm quite good at it, but today as I was trimming the dewclaw she kicked and I took off a huge chunk of the dew claw off, hitting the quick. I feel terrible to the point of feeling sick to my stomach. It didn't bleed much--the...
  2. Angeliki Manouselis

    Eye suddenly swollen shut 4 week old doeling

    I was just in the pasture, I put some grape vines out for my goats, I went back up to the house, then suddenly heard a kid crying loudly, and so i go back out and notice my favorite little doeling Willow's eye is swollen red and she's crying in pain. I flushed as best i could with some warm...
  3. S

    Help- Swelling after dog attack (goat)

    Hi, We are new to goats (NDGs) and have already had our first tragedy. The neighbors' giant pit jumped out outer 4 ft fence, and the goats' 5 ft fence on Saturday evening. He killed out black and white spotted doeling (Dot) outright and injured her sister (Savy). She has puncture wounds on both...
  4. Krysten Frasure

    Lamb head/neck injury

    long story short, our 1 week old lamb was bitten by my dog. My dog is a Great Dane. Her eye was very swollen and seems off. She had blood coming out of her nose and a small cut under her eye. She was laying there all limp and when I picked her up her neck just flopped. Was going to put her down...
  5. First Time Goat.Mum

    Bleeding Banding

    Just as everything is settling down, I went to check and Dilly is bleeding. He was banded approx 4 weeks ago (1 week old but he had dropped) and a livestock vet said the banding looked great but today I went to check and his parts were bleeding and were barely hanging on my a strand. From my...
  6. RacehorsesRock

    Need Info For A Project

    So guys, hi! I just need some info for a project. Posting any remedies and any health tips or tricks, and how to cure any diseases or injuries, would help me with this project and also help people who need quick help and have no time to post their own thread. ~Thanks~
  7. newton the goat

    hurt eyes

    On of my mama's, jenny, seems to have hurt her eyes some how, it's all red around her iris and she seems to be squinting. We don't have any seeded grass in the field yet so unless it was in their hay which I doubt. Here she is two days ago. Her eyes were open and clear.... and the next day I...
  8. MiroslavZivic

    Mosquito bites

    I've been meaning to post this question here for a while now. I've looked through the various threads here, and mosquitoes don't seem to be a big issue for everyone talking about them here on BYH. They are treated as more of a nuisance than anything else. I should note that while It's not a...
  9. A

    piglet leg injury

    I have a 3 week old piglet who's leg was stepped on by momma pig. he cried when it happend and then favored it for about an hour, i seperated him overnight so i could keep an eye on him and let him rest it but it seems like it is only occasionally bothering him now. he was able to jump right...