1. RobertPaulson

    Finding the Right Sheep

    Hello everyone, I'm new to ranching, but I have about 12 acres of pasture on my homestead that I want to put some sheep on. I'm living in Eastern NC, in Duplin County about 45 miles from the coastal town of Wilmington. All this to say, the weather is pretty mild all year round, but...
  2. T

    Lambs ANY day!! How close is she?

    We are new to lambing, though our two ewes are not. Rue, this brown ewe, I suspect will go first. I’ve had an eye on her for a while. How close do you think she is? Days? Weeks? Christmas lambs?!!
  3. Beekissed

    Katahdin body styles...

    I was reading an interesting article awhile back about two types of body styles noticed in the Katahdin breed: https://ewewin.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/two-distinct-body-styles-in-katahdin-sheep/ My last Katahdin had the type A body and hair, but this pair I have now are a little mixed up and...
  4. shepherdO

    Help solve the Great Katahdin Mystery of 2019

    Here's the lowdown: The suspect: Nibbles, a older-ish (specific, I know) katahdin ewe, who's had multiples in the past, including quads last year, only one of which survived due to crazy tangling and mal-presentations. I can't remember if she was late or early, but I THINK she was a day late...
  5. shepherdO

    Introducing ShepherdO's flock - ** PICS ADDED ** More on the way

    I've appreciated the assistance I've received so far since joining BYH's, as well as the lambing journals others have posted, so I thought I'd introduce my flock - especially with my first lambs due in just over a week! I fully anticipate some frantic posts during the lambing process, so here...
  6. WindyIndy

    OK, I have another one...

    ... Sorry everyone but I have another ram. I know the pic is a bad one but it's the only one I have. Do you all think he's a katahdin? Owner thinks he is but no papers to prove it
  7. Matt n Lee

    Sheep Shenanigans

    Just a little fun in the morning with the sheep. They are such great homestead animals. We love them! Also if any of this stuff on our channel interests you please like/subscribe/share it really means the world to us and the channel. :)
  8. Matt n Lee

    The Randy Ram

    Some excitement with the flock :) Enjoy
  9. Matt n Lee

    Our ewe's first birthing on video

    Hi all...we are pretty new to the forums, but we did catch the birth of a lamb this February on video. It was our first and hers so pretty exciting all around. It is also pretty gross just a warning, but here it is for any who want to watch.
  10. Matt n Lee

    Mike the ram meats the new girls

    Hello all, Just wanted to post a little video to introduce ourselves. We have been on backyard chickens for some time now, but with our Katahdin flock growing we thought we would jump over here and say hello :)
  11. newton the goat

    lookout for colors

    I absolutely love my colors in my flock so far, and I can't wait to see what my young ram has to offer, but I honestly would like to add some darker colors. I was reading goatgurls post from back in 2015-16 where she had an absolutely gorgeous black katahdin ram that looked almost like a black...
  12. TAH

    What breed of hair sheep should we do?

    We are looking to do hair sheep. We have a few breeds but am not sure witch one is best. What we want from our sheep Good weight gain Possibly used for milking Good mothers Good parasite and hoof rot resistant And can stand really cold weather We have narrowed down to 3 breeds of sheep St...
  13. WindyIndy

    Yellow Discharge

    Hi everyone, I just signed up. I'm new to sheep and have a few quick questions regarding one of them. She's a Katahdin, and just turned a year old this month. I bought her last year as a lamb. I believe she's pregnant and should be due to lamb early next month. I noticed last night that she had...