1. A

    Nubian kid with goiter?

    I have a 3 month old Nubian buckling who was weaned at 8 weeks. We have noticed a large lump around the area where the neck meets the chin. It is soft, not hard. He doesnt seem to be sick or anything, he acts normal. Could it be a milk goiter? Is it possible that this could occur with a kid that...
  2. Demigoddess

    Bloated but otherwise normal?

    Hey folks! My (7 week old) kid has a tight, slightly asymmetrical belly. Otherwise, she's still eating fine, jumping and running around... I'm just wondering how concerned I should be. I've been giving her baking soda and messaging her till she burps. What's the next step y'all recommend...
  3. Angeliki Manouselis

    Eye suddenly swollen shut 4 week old doeling

    I was just in the pasture, I put some grape vines out for my goats, I went back up to the house, then suddenly heard a kid crying loudly, and so i go back out and notice my favorite little doeling Willow's eye is swollen red and she's crying in pain. I flushed as best i could with some warm...
  4. J

    Penicillin dosages for kids

    I have a kid who is 4 weeks old and is the smallest of the triplets. Yesterday, she came out of the stall with her siblings and momma but separated herself from the others. She was very lethargic and shivering. I took her temp and it was 106.8! So i brought her in and gave her a few ml of...
  5. Latestarter

    Latestarter's 2019 kidding

    April just got "had" by RJ so right now it looks like first kidding will be on/about March 13th. I had all the girls, adults and yearlings with the buck and wethers up till September 5th. I had hoped to separate my buck RJ before he went into rut or any of the girls went into heat. I saw him...
  6. Feo

    Sick, wormy, lice infested, baby goat

    Hey people! First things first, this is NOT my goat. It is my neighbors, I just brought it home because I am more suitable for helping it at this point. He is a 4(?) Month old kiko cross. Very tiny. He is extremly wormy, I belive the worms have become immune to the wormer my neighbors use...
  7. BunnyBoxHop

    Cutest Goat/Kid Contest~Ends August 10th 2017

    Howdy and welcome to my contest! :woot Rules 1. Follow all BYH rules! 2. Be nice 3. NO cussing or censoring letters 4. Tell a friend! (You don't have to, but I would love if you did! :p) 5. HAVE FUN!!! Fill out this form Goat/kid: Breed: Age: Gender (if known): Name: Picture: I will choose a...
  8. A

    Nigerian dwarf doeling lying down

    Our 12 week old Nigerian Dwarf doe was acting weird last night, lying down, then standing up, then lying down, over and over while she ate her grain. Anyone ever seen this behavior before? She seems totally normal besides the strange lying down behavior. Hoping she isn't in pain from bloat or...
  9. Prairie Fleur

    KS - Nigerian Dwarf kids

    3 wethers or unregistered buck kids available. $50 each as wethers, $100 for intact herdsire prospects. Out of registered stock, excellent milking bloodlines. 1 mini Nubian doeling. Dam is producing approximately 3/4 gal/day. Sire is Dills Mister Missunderstood *B. Not registrable. $300 1...
  10. Mintatheena

    Mute Goat?

    My Nigerian dwarf doe, Bella, successfully gave birth to beautiful triplets as a first freshener! Two does and buck. They're all sweet as can be but since day one, one of the does seems to be mute. They're all two weeks old now. I noticed right after birth the other two were crying but she'd...
  11. J

    Help please 3 wk doeling not eating

    The doeling is 3 weeks old and was a triplet. She was the runt. She was given to me a few days ago to save because mom wasn't feeding them and she was extremely underweight and dehydrated. She was grinding teeth Monday, cried when began urinating, refused to drink milk. She was seen by vet...
  12. Alibo

    Murphy's Law kidding

    So yesterday one of my stunted little does that bred herself, kidded. I was expecting it next week but in no way prepared this week! All three human children and the DH had a 24 hour stomache bug. so needless to say my birthing stall was not as clean as it should have been, did not have any...
  13. L

    Kid with possible leg problems

    This goat was rejected by his mother and was about to die without interventions. After getting his body temperature up and giving him colostrum for the first day, he seems to be having problems with his front legs. I'm not sure what it means or if it's normal of far from it. I hope to find the...
  14. Finge

    Trouble Bottle Feeding

    So, today my parents surprised me with two Nigerian bucklings, and we're having trouble bottle feeding, I don't know if they're just not hungry or not, ill try in the morning and see if they cooperate a bit more. They are both almost 3 weeks old.
  15. Cberggren

    Newborn Kid problems

    Hello so we've had 4 goats kid lately and last night one of the Mommas was giving birth to a breached baby, the baby came out and it's brother followed. However the one that breached won't feed on its own, has to be bottle fed. It's eyes hasn't opened yet and can't stand but the brother is in...