1. Angeliki Manouselis

    Should I be concerned

    That a set of twins born 2/26 from a doe with really low hanging udders that they have a really hard time latching on aren't getting enough milk? The doe won't let me try to milk her to see, she has really weird udders too... I rescued her and wasn't going to breed her because i think she's kind...
  2. CourtneySC24

    New happy healthy babies!

    Joyful had her babies yesterday morning! Two big, beautiful, and healthy does. Mom and babies are all strong and doing great! We’re so thankful that it’s been such a smooth birth, nearly a completely hands off experience. (Besides the iodine umbilical cord dip) After losing a doe last week...
  3. Laura Bradley

    What is going on??? Kidding soon?

    So my Nubian doe Diamond is due on Saturday, June 9, but she has been acting like she was in labor for the past two days. She lost her mucus plug last week and bagged up in the middle of April. I don;t know if she is going to go soon or not. Her udder is very full and she is very swollen "back...
  4. Duck lover88

    Can I keep a jack with pregnant does?

    Hey y'all I might buy a jack (not gelded) donkey, and we have 4 goats due to kid on Friday so I was wondering if the jack would try to kill the kids when they are born or what he would do??… We want him for a guardian for them all… So would it be ok If I get the jack before they kid or should I...
  5. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead 2018 Breeding

    I get to start a goat breeding thread!! I meant to start it before the fact but anyway, it’s a necessity now. Knight covered Caramel today. DH witnessed the act three times while they were together on two occasions. Since they are both ND, 145 days will be 10/5. This will be her 2F. She kidded...
  6. First Time Goat.Mum

    Scours, again?!

    Dilbert and Cooper, my two wethers, have had their fair share of issues with lice, eye infections and scours. I thought they were on the road to recovery with a new diet and some medications (ProBios and Pedialyte) but out of no where yesterday Cooper got a bad case of the scours. I am thinking...
  7. First Time Goat.Mum

    Purple Disbudding Spots?

    So today I decided to research and make sure our goats were properly disbudded and banded. After looking at a few things I saw that ours were not as most people’s looked. From what I saw most were brown and copper but ours are a deep purple. The dsibudding was done about two weeks ago but the...
  8. G

    Hello From Northeast Mississippi

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie from Tupelo MS. Area. I have to say this is a wonderful group y'all have here, lots of expertise and knowledge. For the past 10 years I have heard many times about a meat goat shortage. I guess I am asking if this is are was true? I am a disabled senior that has...
  9. Wehner Homestead

    Sneezing Kids

    Diamond’s kids have sneezed a few times. They are two days old. They are all nursing well. No runny noses or nasal discharge. I even listened to lungs on two kids last night just to be sure and they are clear. (I’m a ICU RN. Boy, it’s hard to hear their lung sounds over their fast hearts!) They...
  10. Farmer Connie

    Just showing off my newest twins

    New kids are always a joy. We only breed selected nannies once annually. This is one of our better mothers. Unfortunately she passed away a month after weening of the kids.:( This was one of the happy moments with her. This video is Ms. Pearl, with her last babies, shyla and shyanne. I miss Ms...
  11. Miranda Kurucz

    From kids to full grown -- post your before and after shots

    Curious to see the changes that occurred in all the goats out there from kid to adult. I have been on the long haul wait (since October!) for kids, and now my two wethers come home early June. I have been reading through the articles and forums, and now I'm ready for more pictures of all the...
  12. newton the goat

    newton's the goats journal

    I kept reading all these people's journals with their interesting lives and livestock, and thought that I would never have enough to post a journal of my own without it being boring, but we'll besides that fact let's try it out! I live on 7 acres of land only four of which are usable all year...
  13. chickchick

    Nigerian dwarf doe accidentally bred by Nubian buck.

    Hey all! I have a Nigerian dwarf doe that I got from my neighbor right before we moved away. They purchased a variety of goats from the auction all at once, including 2 full size bucks, all were pastured together. Momma had a little doe nursing, and I watched daily as a determined buck chased...
  14. Lizjax

    New goat parent

    Hello, new goat parent here. I would love some advise!!
  15. L

    Do my goats have enterotoxemia and how should I treat them?

    I have triplet Boer goats that are 2 weeks old today. They were orphaned and are bottle babies. One of them went off of his bottle 2 days ago, (they were all getting 11-12 ounces 4 times a day) he only drank about half at 3 of his feedings that day. 4 hours after we went back outside and he was...
  16. Chickens

    Star will be 3 weeks old monday i think ive got problem

    My problem is star is her moms first kid and shes not producing enough milk her utter is only swollen on one side the other is close to her body the side that is a little swollen is only about the size of a baseball and she kicks star off after about 3 seconds of feeding her star is getting...
  17. 1crazybird

    introductions, how and when

    My kid is getting older and I would like to see how my buck would get along with him. He is four weeks soon. He gets along well enough with my other doe but even she charges him. How and at what age should I introduce my kid buck to my buck? Thank you in advance!
  18. totesmcgoats

    Waiting on kids......

    Our doe is 'supposed' to have her kids by the end of March, so of course every day I go out to the barn to see if we have babies or that something is happening. I can't wait! This will be our first 'intentional' birthing, and I'd like to get your tips/tricks/words of wisdom! Thanks all!
  19. Goat Whisperer

    Barn fire

    This is the season for baby goats, and unfortunately barn fires as well. :hit 2 barn fires in less then 10 days.... 60 goats dead, not sure if this was from a heatlamp or not... These folks lost their milk barn...
  20. Ferguson K

    Ferguson K's kidding thread! - Morgan's turn

    Here we may have a little more fun. All of the does are expecting and I have no idea when!!! I'm a bad mom. I've been busy and didn't hand breed. The boys were introduced to the girls in early October. Early October for Prudence, Lilly, and Poppy. Late October for Aelia, Miss Red, Karma, and...