1. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Two litters, foster or not?

    Hey all, I had this problem last year (May/June) and I know it was caused by heat but I didn't think it has been hot enough yet to have to worry about heat issues. My doe Paprika had 6 kits yesterday 3/31/20 and I barely peeked at the nest last night, just enough to know she had some wiggly...
  2. Miss mouse

    Bunny drama

    Hey all! So we had our planned tan Flemish giant litter of four last week. Then the next day our 4 month old black female unexpectedly gave us 7 more! She must of gotten pregnant right before we broke up the litter at 3 months! And the litter’s next door neighbour was my California females. We...
  3. B

    Hungry Doe, what do you feed?

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone could help with what to feed our doe? She has six healthy kits that are almost 2 weeks old, and she seems to be hungry ALL the time. Like a vacuum cleaner. I understand now she has to make enough milk to feed 6 kits. So want to know what & how much other...
  4. B

    Doe building second nest?

    Hi there, new here :) I'm wondering if anyone can help? Our doe has just hat 7 kits yesterday, she did all the right things, pulling fur and moving around lots of hay making a nest just before the birth. She seemed calm and happy for the rest of the day. However this morning, I decided to take...
  5. TaylorBug

    Baby rabbits to a new mother

    I have a Californian doe that is just a year old, about a week ago was her birthday. She was bred to a young Calif. buck that I also own. Today was day 31 of her gestation and she definitely had a fur-lined nest this morning, although it was too dark and I was in a hurry to see if she had...
  6. EmilyClick28

    Doe died, kits are 3 weeks old. Help!!!

    My doe died unexpectedly this morning, for unknown causes. She has 6 kits that are all still alive, they are almost 3 weeks old. I really want to keep this litter alive, how can I do that? Can they eat hay and pellets yet? Is there some kind of formula I could bottle feed them? Please help...
  7. promiseacres

    The art of Palapation

    Ok. I have been attempting to palapating my rabbits at 10 to 12 days post breeding. Getting pretty frustrated with even trying as I think I "feel" kits but then due dates come and nothing. Then once last spring I didn't put in a nest box and lost a kit due to it (she only had 2... it worked out...
  8. C

    Raising Meat Rabbits in North Carolina

    Hello, I have recently gained an interest in raising rabbits for meat. I have done a considerable amount of research, but have several questions that are more pertinent to raising rabbits in NC, as well as a few general questions that I'm hoping others who have raised rabbits for meat purposes...
  9. MultipleAnimals


    Guess What I Found!? :) I couldn't tell if she was Pregnant, other than She Got SUPER fat. 6 Pinks. She is a First Time Mom, and she is 8 months old. She is a NZW and was bred to a California Buck.
  10. Marie28

    *update video pg 7* Newfreewill Rabbit Adventure

    Decided I should keep a journal or our adventure :] We have just started our rabbit. We have 3 Silver Foxes. 1 Doe (Ruby) and 2 Bucks (Topaz & Onyx). We where told Onyx was a boy and he was kept with his sister until we noticed some aggression. He was not very willing to let us look at his...
  11. Grayfeathers

    New kits are not covered in pulled fur?

    I live in Idaho, and it is just below freezing at night now. I raise meat rabbits outdoors in a greenhouse with two layers of tarp as a roof. It keeps it warm but not WARM, you know? At least the water bottles are not freezing at all when it is down to 28 or 30*... My nest box is a 1/2" thick...
  12. Kaye

    What breed is this doe??

    I'm not even sure where to start. I don't have anything to go on, as when I asked the (children) I bought her from what her breed was they just looked at me funny and the youngest one said, and I quote: 'a straight eareded one'. So I just gave up on that for the time. They named her Elsa, so I...
  13. Kaye

    Kaye's bunny journal

    I've had rabbits before, but it has been a long time since I've had more than one at a time. We got my buck, Thumper, three, almost four years ago and I got him a doe two months back, Blossom. I was told that she didn't take care of her litters. They had a litter of nice, healthy kits and...
  14. promiseacres

    Would you foster kits?

    Ok. I had 3 does Kindle between 5 pm last night and 11 am this morning. First timer with 8, am leaving her be with her 8. An experienced doe (but not with me) with 6 and an experienced doe who has litter #3 for me has 10. Last May this doe had a litter of 11 and she did loose 2. So was...
  15. EmilyClick28

    Doe not building nest in nesting box! please help

    Hi I'm new to BYH but I really need some help with this. I recently bred my mini lop doe, who is about 7-8 months old and a first time mother. She is expected to have her babies sometime next week (on the 16-17th) and on day 22, I put the nest box in her cage just like I'm supposed to do. (its a...
  16. promiseacres

    how early to tell if steel?

    Bred my black doe to my REW. Her breeder suspected she may carry steel as she had scattered white hairs (she no longer has any)and her brother had even more. She had 6 kits on Sunday. They are just getting their hair in, but have noticed that they all have a yellowish triangle behind their neck...