1. Southern by choice

    Lamancha & Nigerian Dairy Goats -NC

    We will be listing several Lamancha & Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats after the State Fair Our State Fair is Oct 19-21st We had planned on selling a few goats but have decided that we will be reducing our herd by half. The 9 months of rain and the effects of the hurricane have left us with an...
  2. LOLamancha

    Anorexic Goats- Feed

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for everyone whom raises dairy goats input on how to get Anorexic nanny Lamancha's to gain weight safely. The lady I bought them from sent me old pics of them being fat and healthy. When they arrived here, they were anorexic. Body score 1-10 they would be 1-2 at best...
  3. Sunny75

    Injury to FF Udder

    Hi, I know I don't post often, please don't hold it against me. I love this site and am sorry I am not able to participate more. Very sorry, if it seems I only show up when I have a problem (honest I'm here other times, just lurking mostly). Dolly is a FF La Mancha doe - kidded twins (1...
  4. DawnStarAZ

    AZ--MDGA/TMGR Miniature LaManchas for Sale

    We are reducing our herd size and moving animals out, to bring fresh blood into the state. I have several animals for sale, to see pedigrees--pictures, and all that good stuff please visit our web page. There is too much info for me to include on every animal, and I am not a novelist ;) TIA...
  5. Southern by choice

    Another reason why I LOVE the Lamancha!

    Jane- 5 months. While working on taking a wall down for addition to the barn here was JANE! Jane just had to have some hugs and love and a NAP! I love the personality of the Lamancha. While trying to get this picture Jane's sister Charlotte, cousin Raina, mini Bingo, Adult Zephyr and Saffy the...
  6. Southern by choice

    SBC's Lamanchas :)

    We had a lovely crop of Lamanchas this year. We are hoping to possibly show some this year. Yes... I did say that! :hide We have really benefited from those that have put many years into developing strong lines with beautiful animals. Hoping that our cross of sire & dam produce some awesome...
  7. Latestarter

    OK Folks, You heard it here first! Edit: Since the ad will eventually cease to exist, here it is: LaMacho Goats (Bertram, TX) I have 1 purebred female LaMacho Goat, 1 half breed Lamacho goat and two yearling purebred males. Please call and let's discuss price. I will send...
  8. SchönFarbe


    I want to create a new goat breed. crossing 2 meat breeds and 3 dairy breeds. is there any way i can ensure that they are the size and meet quantity of a meat goat and still have the milk production of a dairy goat. PLEASE HELP!!!!!