1. Roving Jacobs

    Spotty lambs 2020

    7 days, 20 lambs, 0 sleep Everyone is doing well at around a week old though! Ten rams and ten ewes. I have a handful more that I bought late that will be lambing next month but this is most of them. Forgive the cell phone pictures, I figured blurry pictures were better than no pictures. I live...
  2. Beekissed

    Katahdin body styles...

    I was reading an interesting article awhile back about two types of body styles noticed in the Katahdin breed: My last Katahdin had the type A body and hair, but this pair I have now are a little mixed up and...
  3. Roving Jacobs

    Roving's 2019 Lambs

    5 days, 13 ewes, 16 lambs, and I'm done for the month. I've got a goat due later in the month because goats don't abide by anyone's schedules and 3 ewes that cycled again and are due in May but otherwise that's it. Way more singles this year than usual but I didn't flush and nearly half my...
  4. shepherdO

    Advice Needed: Bringing a Lamb to school

    Hi all, I'm a teacher, and since one of my triplets is now a bottle-baby, I was thinking about bringing it in to show my students. I work at an inner-city type school, and most wouldn't typically get to experience something like this. I'm not sure how long I'd bring it in for, but possibly...
  5. M

    Who Has Jacobs in Texas

    Anyone have purebred Jacob sheep in Texas? I know someone looking to trade to get new blood in their flock!
  6. shepherdO

    Introducing ShepherdO's flock - ** PICS ADDED ** More on the way

    I've appreciated the assistance I've received so far since joining BYH's, as well as the lambing journals others have posted, so I thought I'd introduce my flock - especially with my first lambs due in just over a week! I fully anticipate some frantic posts during the lambing process, so here...
  7. R

    LAMB feed

    Hi Everyone, I am at the very beginner stages of have a few livestock as pets. I have 2 bunnies, 2 goat kids (maybe 3 to 4 months old) and 1 lamb (maybe 2 months old) I just got by chance. I have 3 separate stalls in the stable area. I had put the very calm newbie lamb with the goats so as not...
  8. G

    Lamb size and behavior

    Hi everyone! I have 3 sheep, an ewe and her twins, and was wondering if their behavior was normal. They are almost as tall as her at 4 months, although not as heavy, they weigh 40 pounds each and she weighs 75, definitely not a meat breed. When they go to nurse they are not gentle at all...
  9. K

    How and when to start weaning lambs

    We have two lambs we are bottle feeding. One is 4 weeks the other is almost 6 weeks. They drink water out of a bucket and nibble at grass but they still really like their bottles. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  10. newton the goat

    Newton the goats first lambs! And this marks the end

    Well here we go, the issue with not having breeding dates is you find yourself constantly guessing the due dates! And if you are anything like me that means its on your mind 24/7 :caf:lol: First on our list of big bellies and hostage holders, is our gigantic molly! Mother to twin girls last...
  11. newton the goat

    fathers friend wants us to feed lot sheep

    We have a small flock of katadhin sheep ( only seven but will double in two monthw or so we hope) so far ive been happy with it but recently my dads friend (who is all about the money) wants us to basically get a loan and turn our newly built barn into basically a feed lot for lambs in the...
  12. J williams

    My sheep dog

    My sheepdog. Was an orphaned lamb. Raised in the house.
  13. MiniBarnFarm


    I already have 1 wether, he's my not so little baby boy, and also have 3 ewe's - in a couple of days I have the chance to look through a friends herd of newly weaned lambs I really want another boy, I find them more friendly I just can't help but worry about the first wether's thoughts on having...
  14. T

    Dark green scours in month old lambs

    I just got some month old lambs a few days ago and now two of them have dark green scours. Before I got them they were on goat milk and starting to eat grass and hay. I transitioned them to lamb milk replacer by feeding part goat milk and part replacer for the past few days and letting them...
  15. newton the goat

    newton's the goats journal

    I kept reading all these people's journals with their interesting lives and livestock, and thought that I would never have enough to post a journal of my own without it being boring, but we'll besides that fact let's try it out! I live on 7 acres of land only four of which are usable all year...
  16. Brittany Friend

    Week old lamb, swollen nose?

    I have a week old lamb here with me. The mom had four and this baby was the only survivor. She stays at the house with me until she gets stronger and can go back to the farm with all of the others. Within the past couple of days her nostril has began to swell. It doesn't seem to bother her...
  17. Ewetopia_Acres

    Ewetopia Acres Lambing( with pictures)

    Its a little late but in March we had our first sets of lambs born on the farm. A week before Mabel had her lambs, she had a uterine prolapse, but the vet came out and stitched her up. On March 2nd at 6:00am, she had twin ewe lambs, Adelaide and Primrose, without any problems. And what was...
  18. Goat Whisperer

    Barn fire

    This is the season for baby goats, and unfortunately barn fires as well. :hit 2 barn fires in less then 10 days.... 60 goats dead, not sure if this was from a heatlamp or not... These folks lost their milk barn...
  19. mysunwolf

    mysunwolf - four acres and some sheep

    I figured I should break down and start a journal, since I keep having the urge to post TMI in my lambing and other threads :p My spouse and I have four acres, a home on it, and plenty of critters. We have dabbled and experimented with quite a few livestock breeds and are currently very pleased...