1. Southern by choice

    From Idaho for Wildlife

    This came across my FB feed- I follow Idaho For Wildlife Here is the article- http://www.krtv.com/…/dogs-chase-away-grizzly-bear-near-byn… and the video There is nothing like these amazing dogs! NOTHING!
  2. Southern by choice

    This is why...

    Leah was moved to a kidding stall. She is not in Labor but tomorrow it will be day 145 and she is huge... again. She needs space. I was hoping trips but looks like quads or quints again. While she is there we check the cameras. We noticed she was pawing and a bit restless, "D" immediately...
  3. Schatzl

    Question reg moving LGDs to different pastures

    Hi All! We are in the process of purchasing 60 acres "kind of" adjacent to our current sheep pasture (I will have to fence it so that I can use gates across a dirt road to move them around). They are protected by 2 GPs. My question is, how well do the LGDs take it when they are suddenly moved...
  4. Southern by choice

    Coyotes - Cannot imagine not having LGD's!

    Dogs have been barking a lot since the night time cooler weather has come in. Coyotes are pretty plentiful so far this year... seeing them all over, neighbors are seeing them, you can hear them, and all the dogs for what seems like far far away are barking! It is busy out there! We are heavily...
  5. Southern by choice

    LGD's on Kid Watch!

    "D" is the designated dog for baby watch. Not that we have much choice in the matter. Not sure why but ever since a pup he is the dog that must be by the pregnant goats. Watches them so closely and watches over all the newborn kids. Since our set up has changed bit and he is full time in the...
  6. SapphireRanch&Homestead

    NC, VA- Great Pyrenees Guardian Dog Puppies

    Beautiful, full blooded, Great Pyrenees puppies for sale. Puppies come from working parents, and have been started on their livestock training guarding my goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and horse. They were born in Easter (April 16th.), of this year. All puppies are UTD on deworming...
  7. Southern by choice

    Callie & Tiggs 1 - Possum 0

    I love my dogs!:love Callie & Tiggs killed a possum. They left it in their "give to mommy" pile. Tried getting a pic with them but didn't work to well. :\
  8. Southern by choice

    The "Pups" Learning Teamwork!

    I was able to grab a few photos today - of course it is with a phone :rolleyes: so slow and not great but thought I would share a bit about teams/packs. Beautiful day here today! Goats happy, chickens happy, dogs happy, Momma happy! ;) Neighbors had some family in- we can't see them or really...
  9. Southern by choice

    Southern by Choice's Teaching Moments- Indoor LGD! Badger

    I decided to start this thread based on the many calls and e-mails we get on "how to" work with pups, started pups, adults etc. As things come to mind I will post the scenario's. I also thought it beneficial to share the moments we have on our farm with our pups in training. Some posts may be...