1. M

    Slaughter houses are making a killing.

    I don’t know if y’all have experienced the same or similar, but I am constantly seeing people begging for slaughter houses. Most are booked out until 2022 already! How are you doing with the lack, and how are you taking advantage of it?
  2. A

    New to goats feed question

    Hi everyone, so I have a friend who wants two pygmy goats and wishes me to house them. I have also been planning on adding Nigerian Dwarf goats to my farm and thought it would be a good idea to get them all at the same time so I can have a decent size herd to start and no one will get lonely...
  3. I

    How to find a market

    My husband and I are wanting to do some small scale farming. Just something that makes enough profit to pay for itself and maybe a little bit of pocket money. We had a circumstance where we cared for two pigs for a woman and the deal was she buys all their needs, we care for them. The idea was...
  4. I

    What to farm

    summary is at the bottom Hello for the California part of the Mojave Desert. So just a brief intro my husband and I bought a three acre property out in the desert about a twenty minute drive away from a big traveling pit stop on the way to Vegas. We love animals and livestock and have cared for...
  5. Beekissed

    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    ...and loving it! Getting back into sheep in a small way and need a place to journal about it all. Starting again with Katahdins, my fave breed, and will keep a very small herd of one full time ram, a wether and a few ewes until I see what my pasture can support. Won't have the wether until...
  6. M

    75% Nigerian 25% Pygmy

    We are considering buying a purebred Nigerian dwarf female who has been exposed to a buck who is half Nigerian half Pygmy. We are interested in goats for milk. We figure the offspring would still be good milkers, but maybe stockier. Anyone experience this cross before? Thanks!
  7. M

    How much meat will I get from a 1000lb cow

    How much meat will I get from a 1000lb Holstein Steer?? And how much is that meat worth?
  8. M

    Calf Prices!

    Hi, I am raising holstein bull calves and am giving some meat to a neighbour and was wondering how much someone would charge for the full calf (8 months old)
  9. BranscumFarm

    Introduction thread

    Hello all! My husband and I started raising meat rabbits back in January and have been searching for some forums to get ideas/share our own experiences. Found this forum and joined hoping to learn. Right now we have 4 does including one from a champion bloodline, and 2 bucks (also from a...
  10. Marlom Perez

    Rabbit Extras

    Friends, Thanks for reading. I am in need of suggestions as what to do with the extra parts of a rabbit after processing. I have learned to tan the hides well enough. How about the heads and feet/tail. Anything any of you do with them? I typically give the heads to my dogs, who eat them whole.
  11. Marie28

    Silver Fox Rabbits N. Wisconsin

    Havent been on here much due to my job but I thought I would post our new litter. We have 2 Bucks & 4 Does. Birthdate: 12/06/17 All with pedigree.
  12. Marie28

    *update video pg 7* Newfreewill Rabbit Adventure

    Decided I should keep a journal or our adventure :] We have just started our rabbit. We have 3 Silver Foxes. 1 Doe (Ruby) and 2 Bucks (Topaz & Onyx). We where told Onyx was a boy and he was kept with his sister until we noticed some aggression. He was not very willing to let us look at his...
  13. Hawaiianhighlandsfarm

    Clun Forest/Romney cross

    Aloha I am a beginning shepherdess that has one Clun Forest ewe and ram. I live on the big island of Hawaii. There are two trusted sheep breeders here. One has Clun Forests with a very very small amount of Kathadin in the bloodline (that's where mine came from). The other has Romney's. I have...
  14. AJ S.

    Gotland Meat & Wool!

    I have recently decided after 2 years of reaserch to get 3 Gotlands (a whether and 2 ewes). I am mainly going to be selling the wool but wanted to know if the meat is any good? Also I am wondering how much to sell the wool for per pound? Thank you.
  15. M

    Help me learn...

    hey all! Just moved to our first little homestead in August... Have chickens now and plan to add meat rabbits in Spring. Currently we are still technically in city limits though we have acreage, but it prevents us from having "livestock". However We have a friends with alpacas on 40 acres who...