1. A

    Milk depletion question

    Hi all, this is my first year with goats so I'd love some insight. My nigerian dwarf doe gave birth back in April and I brought her home at the end of May. I've been doing my best to learn to milk, but it was a long, hard learning curve. Anyway, I was getting nearly 1 1/2 cups each milking...
  2. I

    Jersey cow advice needed!

    Thank you for welcoming me into your group! I’ve always dreamed of homesteading and I’m proud to say I’m one step closer!! A family member is gifting me a pregnant, lactating Jersey cow that is very small and I’m having a hard time figuring out how much supplemental feed I’ll need for her. I’ve...
  3. I

    Jersey cow supplemental feed question

    A family member is gifting me a pregnant, lactating Jersey cow that is very small and I’m having a hard time figuring out how much supplemental feed I’ll need for her. I’ve never had a cow, let alone milked one. We have about an acre of grazing space but how much hay/feed should I expect to...
  4. ohiogoatgirl

    In field milking

    Has anyone trained their animals to stand for milking in the field? It's common pastoral painting for a cow to be simply tied to the post and milk there in the pasture. I've milked goats for years and milked one of my sheep one year. Going to be visiting a friend who has dexter cows about...
  5. A

    How to read dairy goat milk numbers.

    I am buying my first goats and I do not understand what the `milk` numbers are. Are they pounds of milk per year? Some kind of ranking system? Do i want a high number or a low number? Any help would be appreciated. I also don`t quite understan `age fresh` fully. I realize it is each freshening...
  6. Beekissed

    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    ...and loving it! Getting back into sheep in a small way and need a place to journal about it all. Starting again with Katahdins, my fave breed, and will keep a very small herd of one full time ram, a wether and a few ewes until I see what my pasture can support. Won't have the wether until...
  7. SonRise Acres

    Touch me not to milking goat

    We have a Nigerian that I believe is pregnant. She’s my best mama goat we have. She literally takes a nap, stands up and makes 2-3 quiet cries, delivers her babies, nurses them, and never bats an eye. She always has strong healthy babies. BUT she doesn’t like us to touch her (pregnant or not)...
  8. W

    Proper Milking Procedure

    I am new at this goat thing. I want to make sure I am making the right decision for my herd. I currently only have one in milk. I have received mixed feedback about stripping dry after milking. Some have said it can cause mastitis, or damage the udder. Other have said the doe will produce less...
  9. Goat Shaman

    Want to Build a Goat Barn

    I want to build a goat barn but I don't know where to begin. I milk my goats, and I want a barn where I can keep my feed and milk my does. They are in a fenced in area with a dinky little shelter and I think they need something better than a little shelter. Their feed is in my house and I...
  10. Wehner Homestead

    Milking Out or Holding Back?

    As many of you know, I’m still fairly new to milking goats and learning. Diamond is the first doe that has freshened on the farm that I’ve milked. (Nellie’s kid was pulled and sold a week before I got her and she was only milked once a day until I could pick her up.) Diamond freshened for the...
  11. I

    Can I bring a doe back into milk?

    I have an odd question... If a 3 year old doe freshened earlier this season, the kids have been weaned and she has not been milked in about 6 weeks...would it be possible to begin milking her again? She had been giving about a gallon of milk a day from 2 milking.
  12. mysunwolf

    Lumps in Teats Blocking Orifices in Ewe

    The Long Background Story: My ewe Dora had a very bad form of mastitis last year that she developed just before she lambed. We caught it very early and she was able to produce enough milk to raise her lamb by herself. However, the vet warned that she could have problems in the future. We were...
  13. L

    A quick milking question!

    We are getting a doe who is expected to kid early summer. We were planning on trying to do the once a day milking where you separate her kid from her at night and milk her in the morning. Will this still work if she has twins?
  14. GAF

    First Fresheners

    I have a Saanen FF who is giving 2 quarts a day. I also have a FF Nigerian Dwarf who gives a quart a day. Should I expect an increase in milk production in future years, or is that about as good as it will get?☺
  15. totesmcgoats

    Baby Nigerians! Also, help!

    hi all! Came out to the barn this morning to two cutie bucklings, still a little damp. I just missed it! My question is about nursing. My nanny has a very low hanging udder and the kids are having a hard time getting a hold of the teat. She won't let me try and help the kids latch. I'm not...
  16. mandi224

    Tips on getting goat used to milk stanchion?

    Any tips on getting a goat used to being on the milk stanchion when they've never been on one? I just brought home a Nigerian Dwarf doe and her doeling. She kidded on Jan. 2nd and her buckling was sold as a bottle baby to someone else a week before I bought mom & baby girl. The breeder said...
  17. mandi224

    Udder Wash/Teat Dip Safe for Kids?

    What kind of udder washes and teat dips are safe if the kids are still on them part-time? (Planning to do once a day milkings.) I was looking at the FiasCo Farms one with Clorox/water/Dawn. Will that be safe and OK to use? Any other recommendations? And do I need to use an udder balm regularly...
  18. Goat Whisperer

    Barn fire

    This is the season for baby goats, and unfortunately barn fires as well. :hit 2 barn fires in less then 10 days.... 60 goats dead, not sure if this was from a heatlamp or not... These folks lost their milk barn...
  19. BlessedWithGoats

    Will milking once a day decrease milk production?

    I've been milking my goats twice a day, but as winter is coming on, it will be harder on me to do that... if I start milking them only once a day, will their milk production decrease? Thanks!