1. S

    Loose mineral help

    We have herd that consists of two Shetland wethers, two female goats, one buck and two horses. They are all in the same pasture (hopefully by next summer we will have more fencing up and can separate them out. But for now it is what it is. Nobody is on grain, they are all on pasture with hay for...
  2. G

    New goat momma has questions.

    Hey, I am getting my 2 nigerian dwarf wethers this weekend. I already have a pen off to the side of the yard for my chickens. It is pretty big, so I built the goats a shelter on the opposite end of the chicken coop. The goats will be let out of the pen every morning. Most mornings I will leave...
  3. St1ckyBun

    New Country Minerals & Kelp Question

    I was wondering if anyone has tried New Country Organics Minerals for Goats? The copper in it seems to be amazing compared to other brands (3,000 ppm). I picked up a bag at a local farm store to try, but I can't find any reviews of it online. One other thing, it contains kelp. I saw where...
  4. mysunwolf

    Mineral Mixes for Sheep

    Okay all you nutrition experts… I am having some serious trouble trying to come up with which minerals to feed my sheep. Everyone seems to have a different opinion in what % and mix is best for sheep. The copper thing is confusing to say the least because of the new evidence that sheep do...