mini cows

  1. Kayann Sirvent

    New Here Callahan Florida

    Hi All I’m in NE Florida I’m new to Farm We have All Mini Animals:) Pony’s , Goats , Cow , Donkeys , Pigs Our Bunnies Chickens Ducks are only regular animals not Mini I mean . Also have 2 TCup Chihuahuas 1 Min Poodle 1 Golden Retriever Looking now for a Standard Female Poodle and Our Family...
  2. F

    Ingrown Horns

    My mini zebu cow is about six year old now and her horns, which had always had a downward angle, took a sudden inward turn. Before the turn, Rose's horns would have grown past her face but are now angling for her eyes. She's heavily pregnant, with her due date somewhere in the next week at most...
  3. W

    Hello from Alaska and BYC

    Hey everyone. I found this site through one of it's sister sites, Backyard chickens! I currently have chickens, ducks and quails. I am planning to get either goats or mini cows in the future. My family had goats when I was growing up, so I know and like goats. However I also really like cow...