new baby

  1. SloanHerd

    New from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Hi, all! My name is Ross and I am new to this group and the goating world (WOW, there’s a lot to learn!!!!). My wife and I purchased two female Nigerian Dwarf goats and we are in love. We named them after our favorite beaches, Rosemary and Alys! I am constantly looking for information and...
  2. H

    Introducing herd

    Any advice would be so appreciated!!! I have two 8 month goats One doe and one weathered who I have raised since birth and bottle fed. (Spoiled brats and I LOVE them!! ) I have two new 8 day old twins I am bottle feeding inside. I took them out to meet my two goats today. They all but tried...
  3. CourtneySC24

    New happy healthy babies!

    Joyful had her babies yesterday morning! Two big, beautiful, and healthy does. Mom and babies are all strong and doing great! We’re so thankful that it’s been such a smooth birth, nearly a completely hands off experience. (Besides the iodine umbilical cord dip) After losing a doe last week...