new goat owner

  1. Ebonythehorse

    All New to Goats

    Hey everyone! I joined a while back but haven't really been online since. Well....I just put a down payment on some goats!!! I've been wanting goats for like ever, and finally I am getting some! I am getting two Toggenburg does I think is the breed? They are registered and the seller is throwing...
  2. Rustic Green Acres

    First time goat owner

    We are going to be getting 2 young Nubian cross goats, around 2 months old. This is our first time getting goats, have had lots of animal just never goats. What are some key things to be aware of? we are thinking of putting them on a grassy patch, do we need to worry about over grazing? What...
  3. N

    New to the Goat community!! I have some questions!

    I just got my three nannies from an auction and wasn’t told anything except that they were females. I’m trying to find out breed, age, and if the white one is expecting? I am a new goat owner so this is all a first for me and my husband.
  4. B

    New to goat ownership

    I'm new to goat ownership, but some experience with milking/caring for goats a few decades ago. Very excited to have my own now. I never realized how much there was to know until I bought two pregnant does, one who kidded two weeks after bringing them home. Talk about jumping in head first! Glad...