new kids

  1. Wehner Homestead

    Sneezing Kids

    Diamond’s kids have sneezed a few times. They are two days old. They are all nursing well. No runny noses or nasal discharge. I even listened to lungs on two kids last night just to be sure and they are clear. (I’m a ICU RN. Boy, it’s hard to hear their lung sounds over their fast hearts!) They...
  2. Sunny75

    Bali Kidded twin does - doing great

    our 2 year old Lamancha Bali kidded twin doelings around 3pm. she kidded no problem, we have a "milk chocolate" brown with tan points and a "dark chocolate" brown with white tipped tail and large patch of white down one side. yes they are adorable. (in keeping with Bali's family (mom-Jamaica...