1. A

    Baby goat with caved in or crooked leg?

    I have a baby goat that was born today. She is a nubian and was born with 2 other bucklings. I noticed that her leg seems to bow inward. I suspect it might be selenium deficiency. The other two kids look normal and healthy. She is also the smallest of the trio. Is this something that will...
  2. Wehner Homestead

    Sneezing Kids

    Diamond’s kids have sneezed a few times. They are two days old. They are all nursing well. No runny noses or nasal discharge. I even listened to lungs on two kids last night just to be sure and they are clear. (I’m a ICU RN. Boy, it’s hard to hear their lung sounds over their fast hearts!) They...
  3. Cberggren

    Newborn Kid problems

    Hello so we've had 4 goats kid lately and last night one of the Mommas was giving birth to a breached baby, the baby came out and it's brother followed. However the one that breached won't feed on its own, has to be bottle fed. It's eyes hasn't opened yet and can't stand but the brother is in...
  4. promiseacres

    Would you foster kits?

    Ok. I had 3 does Kindle between 5 pm last night and 11 am this morning. First timer with 8, am leaving her be with her 8. An experienced doe (but not with me) with 6 and an experienced doe who has litter #3 for me has 10. Last May this doe had a litter of 11 and she did loose 2. So was...