nigerian dwarf goats

  1. S


    Can anyone tell me if this girl looks pregnant? thank you!
  2. G

    Wannabe Goat Owner

    Hi! :frow I've come exploring over here from BackYard Chickens as we are moving in about 2 years and hoping to have goats at the new place. Yes, I like to research things thoroughly before jumping in. :D =D We are planning on dairy goats, likely Nigerian Dwarfs for the benefit of the cream...
  3. Wehner Homestead

    Choosing Who to Retain

    As most of y’all know, I’m having to decide which of my Nigerians to part with. I’m trying to set emotional attachments aside. I’ll give what pros and cons I have with each. It’ll take me some time to get pics of each. I’m going to post the dam and sire of the ones that we’ve raised. I ask...
  4. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead 2019 Kidding Thread

    As y’all know, life has been crazy. We have baby goats on the way out of a doe that I didn’t truly think was bred. The one I thought was bred isn’t. :idunno:barnie Also, after evaluating everyone tonight...(Thanks @Goat Whisperer for the reminder to check the calendar. I was focused on Calving...
  5. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead 2018 Breeding

    I get to start a goat breeding thread!! I meant to start it before the fact but anyway, it’s a necessity now. Knight covered Caramel today. DH witnessed the act three times while they were together on two occasions. Since they are both ND, 145 days will be 10/5. This will be her 2F. She kidded...
  6. Wehner Homestead

    Milking Machines

    We had the opportunity to see two goats milked with a machine at the same time on Fri evening. It was very fast. I don’t feel like cleaning the tubing makes it justifiable for milking two does (IMHO.) DH did ask me to go ahead and start gathering information. He’d like information from two...
  7. goats&moregoats

    Sharing housing & Pasture?

    Does anyone here house and pasture large breed goats with Nigerians? If so can you tell me how it is working out? I want to get some Nigerians, but don't want to have to build another shelter. The pasture I can divide if necessary. I have had one person tell me not to do it.
  8. Wehner Homestead

    Milking Out or Holding Back?

    As many of you know, I’m still fairly new to milking goats and learning. Diamond is the first doe that has freshened on the farm that I’ve milked. (Nellie’s kid was pulled and sold a week before I got her and she was only milked once a day until I could pick her up.) Diamond freshened for the...
  9. M

    Thinking about buying two Nigerian Dwarfs

    We live on a small farm in S.C. Have horses, chickens, and dogs. I’ve been researching goats and have decided to purchase 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats for milking. My question is what do I start with? Is it best to purchase doelings first or does?
  10. Wehner Homestead

    Sneezing Kids

    Diamond’s kids have sneezed a few times. They are two days old. They are all nursing well. No runny noses or nasal discharge. I even listened to lungs on two kids last night just to be sure and they are clear. (I’m a ICU RN. Boy, it’s hard to hear their lung sounds over their fast hearts!) They...
  11. Wehner Homestead


    I wanted to get an idea of when others start checking ligaments (as in what day). I have Nigies. Diamond is Day 145 on 1/23. I checked her this morning out of curiosity and both were tight. (Rest assured, she's not showing any other signs.) I just want to be extra careful with her after the...
  12. Wehner Homestead


    This theoretical at this point. Diamond is due any time and is quite the producer. Since our main goal is milk production right now (without sacrificing udders and overall confirmation to stand the test of time) we are considering keeping a buckling. She's bred to a buck named, Tuck, and his...
  13. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead Kidding Thread 2018

    We are getting geared up for our first Nigerian Dwarf babies! (We had one kid in Oct but we lost the kid and it was a csection. We also had Boers so this isn't our first kidding but we are beyond excited about Nigees!) Diamond due 1/23, 2F (FF triplet doelings) Nellie due 4/2, 2F (FF single...
  14. Wehner Homestead


    We are expecting our first Nigerian Dwarf goat kids in January. I'm trying to figure out naming each animal. With our Cattle, we name each subsequent one with the same first letter as the dam. For example: Maddie has had Mollie, Melody, Maizy, and Mya. I realize that goats can be much more...
  15. E

    Pet playgrounds fencing?

    Hi. We're getting the pet playgrounds fencing for our dogs and I was wondering if anyone had tried it with their goats. We'll be getting Nigerian dwarfs. I've spoken to the pet playgrounds people and they said it should be fine, but I wanted to see if anyone had actually used it before we...
  16. Spokeless Wheel

    Spokeless Wheel

    Hello everyone I'm Rose of the Spokeless Wheel, I raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Flemish Giant and Silver Fox Rabbits. I'm a little lost at how to navigate this site so please bare with me.
  17. WildIrishRose


    So I plan on getting a couple Nigerian does here in the future. My goal is solely for milk (and making things from the milk). Since I would just have a couple on a small parcel of land, I really don't want to have to keep a buck and always keep him separated. So my question is, when it comes...
  18. Miranda Kurucz

    I made my boys their very own Goat Boat

    I am so proud of this project! Meet our new boys! Lenny and Carl have been home for a 11 days now and I figured it was time to share their awesome house!!! I am so proud of The Goat Boat: To see more on the making of:
  19. Jacob Zierke

    Goat fencing

    I'm getting two Nigerian Dwarf does soon and I am trying to figure out the whole fencing thing.... A while ago my brothers raise goats in electric goat netting and never had any problems with getting out or injuries. This seems like the best option for us, since we want to move them around a lot...
  20. L

    Newbie here! I need help find a reputable breeder!

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here and am loving all the great advice from experienced people!! We currently have dogs, cats, hens, and our amazing rooster Bandit! However, I am really excited to start a small goat herd with nigerian dwarf goats. My mother-in-law has COPD and can't drink store...