nigerian dwarf kids

  1. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead 2019 Kidding Thread

    As y’all know, life has been crazy. We have baby goats on the way out of a doe that I didn’t truly think was bred. The one I thought was bred isn’t. :idunno:barnie Also, after evaluating everyone tonight...(Thanks @Goat Whisperer for the reminder to check the calendar. I was focused on Calving...
  2. Wehner Homestead


    We are expecting our first Nigerian Dwarf goat kids in January. I'm trying to figure out naming each animal. With our Cattle, we name each subsequent one with the same first letter as the dam. For example: Maddie has had Mollie, Melody, Maizy, and Mya. I realize that goats can be much more...
  3. BrokeHenJenn

    Disbudding Iron for Nigerian Dwarfs

    Planning to attempt disbudding my Nigies this next kidding season. What do you experienced ND owners use for a disbudding iron? What is your preferred brand and why? What size tip do you use? I'd rather speed a lot of money up front to get a good quality iron that will last and do the job...
  4. BrokeHenJenn


    Came out to feed the girls this morning and my Clementine had already delivered all three kids! She had two girls and a boy - but the smallest girl didn't make it. Mama and remaining two are doing great! She did great for a FF! Retaining the doeling, (bottom pic) selling the buckling...