nigerian dwarf

  1. DaSouthernYankee

    Introducing New Buckling

    hi! So I have two Nigeriandwarf does. Both about 2 years old. They are playful, people friendly, and very sweet. Great with ducks, chickens, cats, and kids. They are disbudded for safety on our small backyard farm. We’ve got about 2 acres and are planning to bring a 3 week old buckling into our...
  2. F

    Generation and breed confusion

    Hi all, I'm new to goat farming and inherited a purebred nigerian dwarf buck and two mini alpine does. They are registered and their papers say the ND buck is pure and the females are 50% ND and 50% alpine. My understanding is that the does are first generation F1 mini alpine. Is this correct...
  3. Kalimak

    I don't know what I'm looking at here - Please advise

    Hi all, What is this above her anus? She's 9 months old - half ND half Nubian.
  4. A

    Early heat in Nigerian dwarf?

    We had two baby girls (star and jab jab) born on december 25th 2018, and Jab Jab (now 6 months old) just had a baby, if the gestation period is ~5 months that must mean she got pregnant at 1 month old, right? How does that happen??
  5. FinleyFarm

    New Goat Owner from Cache Valley Utah

    Hello fellow goat owners! I am so glad to find a forum where I can ask questions and share information. We have five goats; two Nigerian Dwarfs and three Pygmys. My oldest daughter is 24-years-old and has Autism. It has always been a dream of ours to have a small farm with animals that she...
  6. AZ Desert Goats

    Hello From AZ

    My family is so excited to start our journey with dairy goats we got 3 ND goats a week ago and love them! check out our Instagram
  7. Wehner Homestead

    Choosing Who to Retain

    As most of y’all know, I’m having to decide which of my Nigerians to part with. I’m trying to set emotional attachments aside. I’ll give what pros and cons I have with each. It’ll take me some time to get pics of each. I’m going to post the dam and sire of the ones that we’ve raised. I ask...
  8. J

    Multigenerational kidding

    I've been kidding for four years now, but this is the first year I've kept a mother and daughter while both are pregnant. Grandma kidded two weeks ago, and had (five!!!) kids, but unfortunately they were all stillborn. I'm guessing they were premee, but she kidded silently, and I wasn't there to...
  9. Lydia Schwoerer

    !!Sick Male, Cannot Stand. Legs are Locked. Need Help and Advice!!

    One of my older whethers has become pretty ill. I noticed him acting a little lethargic a few days ago and just dismissed it as part of the cold (we are currently experiencing -20F temperatures right now). The next day I noticed he was not getting up for food so I tried to pick him up and have...
  10. Southern by choice

    Lamancha & Nigerian Dairy Goats -NC

    We will be listing several Lamancha & Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats after the State Fair Our State Fair is Oct 19-21st We had planned on selling a few goats but have decided that we will be reducing our herd by half. The 9 months of rain and the effects of the hurricane have left us with an...
  11. B

    Sharing a city backyard with goats?

    First off - livestock is allowed in Chicago, with no limits. That being said, would I be crazy to share my backyard with two Nigerian Dwarf goats? We have a detached 2.5 car garage, and I’d convert half of it into a pen for them, so indoor space isn’t a concern. We have a fully fenced yard...
  12. C

    Need suggestions on flooring for goat shelter

    Hello all! My ND babies come home in two weeks so we are working hard to get ready for them to be here - super excited! I bought this woodshed for their shelter but need suggestions on ways to make the floor solid so their little hooves don't slip through and get injured. The slats between are...
  13. A

    New Nanny goat with week old kid- ran away-

    My husband and I just adopted a 1.5 year old doe who just had a female kid last week. We moved them up to our orchard yesterday. It was our understanding that our orchard was fenced and protected. Goats were stressed but lounging under trees; at noon today they disappeared. We discovered a major...
  14. Dwarfgoatnoob

    9 month old Nigerian dwarf

    can my 9 month dwarf survive in the cold? the temperature won’t drop below 15 degrees. Will he be ok or do I need heaters/heat lamps? Any input helps. New to this
  15. Dwarfgoatnoob


    I recently bought a Nigerian dwarf goat and he barely eats the hay we got for him. I looked it up and it said he could eat Timothy grass but he doesn’t seem to like it. We might try and bring him to a supply store and see what he worried about him someone help
  16. Old Hawkins Farm

    What to Name my Nigerian Wether

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a Cream-colored, 4 month old nigerian dwarf wether. Please help me name him! I am looking for something short and sweet, for a shy, loving goat. Thanks!
  17. Wehner Homestead

    Wehner Homestead Kidding Thread 2018

    We are getting geared up for our first Nigerian Dwarf babies! (We had one kid in Oct but we lost the kid and it was a csection. We also had Boers so this isn't our first kidding but we are beyond excited about Nigees!) Diamond due 1/23, 2F (FF triplet doelings) Nellie due 4/2, 2F (FF single...
  18. Wehner Homestead


    We are expecting our first Nigerian Dwarf goat kids in January. I'm trying to figure out naming each animal. With our Cattle, we name each subsequent one with the same first letter as the dam. For example: Maddie has had Mollie, Melody, Maizy, and Mya. I realize that goats can be much more...
  19. Wehner Homestead

    Copper...Does this look like a fishtail?

    I took a pic of one of my does' tails this morning. I'm trying to figure out if you think she looks copper deficient. Input appreciated! Also, does anyone have experience using flax as a copper supplement instead of the bolus?
  20. Wehner Homestead


    As some of you know, we have Nigees and love them! We got dairy goats to provide milk for our medically fragile daughter. Our goal is to replace all of her dairy intake with caprine. BYH has introduced me to Minis as I had never heard of them prior. We are strongly considering either getting a...