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    Buying my first registered goat

    Hi everyone, I am going to be buying a registrable Nubian buckling soon (ADGA) to keep as a breeding buck. We currently only have unregistered Nubians so this will be our first ever registered goat. We plan on eventually getting some registered does and may sell the unregistered ones if we see...
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    Hello from missouri!

    Hi all ! I'm from a small town called potosi in missouri it's about a hour from st louis.. I've got horses (and a mini donkey but dont tell him hes not a horse) and goats (mostly nubians!) I raise a couple pigs from time to time for butcher.. Right now I have 3 horses blade ,butter cup...
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    Barely Afloat Farm Greetings

    I am a farming mother who gave up being a Vet Tech for my 4 children and many animals. I have been raising Nubians, Small Chops ( our 1/8 pot belly mixes that max at 300# fast going on 9years now), geese ( mixed breeds) Muscovies, chickens, a rabbit colony, 2 LGD great Dane mixes, cats and what...