1. Legamin

    Feeding for Pregnancy Success!

    This is an issue that came from researching hay feeders. I have built wooden feeders, huge plastic ”apartment feeders”, a myriad of welded mobile bale feeders and structured trough feeders….the end results have been up to 50% hay waste (recent prices reaching $450-$900 per ton grass hay) and...
  2. MicroManger

    Brazil Nuts for Selenium? How many? How often?

    Since BoSe is Perscription only, can I supplement my goats diet with a weekly treat of a Brazil Nut or two? ( I supplement My personal diet of selenium by eating one or two Brazil Nuts a day instead of taking a capsule or pill.) Of course Toxicity is a concern But I just lost a new born kid to...
  3. R

    Alfalfa Pellets as primary feed

    I have a herd of 7 Nigerian Dwarfs. 2 kids, 4 does (1 still in milk) and a buck. All of them are 3 years old or less. We have had them on hay but want to switch to pellets because we are struggling to find good hay where we are at. My questions are: 1. How much to feed per day, per goat? 2...