1. Larsen Poultry Ranch

    Rex breeders going to October Reno show?

    Are there any Rex breeders going to the show in Reno NV in October 2019? Not mini, the full size. I just started with Rex this year and I am looking to get another doe and possibly another buck to expand my herd. I have a pedigreed castor doe and REW buck. Any advice is also welcome, thanks!
  2. Marie28

    Silver Fox Rabbits N. Wisconsin

    Havent been on here much due to my job but I thought I would post our new litter. We have 2 Bucks & 4 Does. Birthdate: 12/06/17 All with pedigree.
  3. Marie28

    Black silver fox rabbits bucks & does Northern WI w/pictures

    We have four black silver foxes for sale (born 7/8/17). As of now I believe we have two does and two bucks. I will post pictures soon. They are $40 each with pedigree. They have great personalities and have had a lot of human contact.
  4. Marie28

    Is this good enough (pedigree)

    So i have a almost 7 weeks old (born march 12) black silver fox doe. We bought what we though was 2 does, turned out one was a buck. They where last together around end of January (not sure of the actual date). But our doe ruby had an accidental "meeting" with our blue silver fox on Feb. 6th...
  5. G

    ADGA Inbreeding what % is good?

    I have been raising and showing Nigerian Dwarf goats for well over 10 years. I have recently bought a buck that is almost 14% inbred on some really nice lines. This is the first time I've really started thinking about the % of inbreeding... And I realized I have no idea what is too much or what...
  6. Becca'sBunnyBarn

    Tattoo Pens, What Brand Is Best?

    As my rabbitry expands, I'm looking in to purchasing a tattoo pen. Just wanted to know some of your thoughts on the subject. What brand do you suggest? What works for you and why? Also I'm looking for an affordable Pedigree computer program, one that I can not only do pedigrees, but also one...