1. J

    Penicillin dosages for kids

    I have a kid who is 4 weeks old and is the smallest of the triplets. Yesterday, she came out of the stall with her siblings and momma but separated herself from the others. She was very lethargic and shivering. I took her temp and it was 106.8! So i brought her in and gave her a few ml of...
  2. promiseacres

    VD questions, treating kits

    So.... I am thinking this all started back in September, August?? I really am not sure. But Winston is my 2 year old Velveteen lop. I bred him to my doe Alena back in April had a nice litter 0f 10. 8 survived. All was good. Then in August I got more bunnies, a doe Holly and her son Moon and a...