1. Marie28

    Silver Fox Rabbits N. Wisconsin

    Havent been on here much due to my job but I thought I would post our new litter. We have 2 Bucks & 4 Does. Birthdate: 12/06/17 All with pedigree.
  2. G

    Sudden strange behavior

    Today my goat Charlotte started acting very strange all of a sudden. She seems like she has amnesia. She doesn't want to eat (she is usually obsessed with grain) she just stands in the same place and looks "spaced out". She's not hurt or blind, no changes in diet. And she's making a really loud...
  3. Marie28

    Black silver fox rabbits bucks & does Northern WI w/pictures

    We have four black silver foxes for sale (born 7/8/17). As of now I believe we have two does and two bucks. I will post pictures soon. They are $40 each with pedigree. They have great personalities and have had a lot of human contact.
  4. The Curly girl

    Raising a sheep as a pet.

    So. My hubby and I got a St. Croix lamb 2 weeks ago. He was only 7 hr old. The reason we did was, his mom did not accept him, and wouldn't let him eat. The farmer told my husband and I he wouldn't have time to bottle feed him... So we took the lamb. My husband and I live in a pretty big ranch...