1. S


    Can anyone tell me if this girl looks pregnant? thank you!
  2. D

    Too early to kid?

    So, my mistake, I should have researched more. Here's my concern, I have two nubian/boer cross goats, one is a buck and other is a doe. The doe is only 8 months old and she's almost certainly been bred by the buck probably a month ago. This was the plan, I thought it would be fine as she'll be...
  3. abraeri

    Goat pregnancy and toxic plants

    I've been looking in a lot of places but can't find the effects of toxic plants on a pregnant goat. Our goats were confirmed pregnant at around 50 days after breeding using BioPRYNN. How far along would the pregnancy have to be in order for there to be a visible sign of abortion/miscarriage...
  4. A

    My rabbits won't conceive

    I am running out of ideas here. I just cannot, whatsoever, get my rabbits pregnant. I don't understand. I'm trying to breed Silver Fox rabbits. I've tried several females and males over time. It's been about a year now. We take the does individually to the buck's cage. The buck does his...
  5. shepherdO

    Advice Needed: Bringing a Lamb to school

    Hi all, I'm a teacher, and since one of my triplets is now a bottle-baby, I was thinking about bringing it in to show my students. I work at an inner-city type school, and most wouldn't typically get to experience something like this. I'm not sure how long I'd bring it in for, but possibly...
  6. R

    ND FF Mystery

    Hello back yard herd fam! I have a Nigerian Dwarf doe 1 1/2 years old and 65 lbs. She was bred to a buck on April 4th and was due today (145 days) September 22nd. She is obnoxiously loud when she is in heat and after she was "bred" to the buck she stopped going into heat. She gained 4 inches...
  7. MatthewsHomestead


    So PopEye and Olive, our two potbelly pigs have been courting and doing the piggy do.... They stopped doing all of that and now just act like an old married couple. How do I tell if she is indeed preggers?
  8. R

    Early pregnant heifer holding tail up.

    Hello. I have a 18 months old heifer that is pregnant for about 3 months. Recently she started to hold her tail up all the time as if she is going to poo. She eats and drinks water normally. She also makes a normal poo regularly. She doesn't have any sign of blood or any bad or normal fluent...
  9. HaloRabbits

    Palpating/Weighing Rabbits

    Hi, I am new(ish) to rabbits and bred my Proven Doe with my unproven buck. I am not really comfortable palpating but I did try a little. I did not feel anything. Last time we bred her (the first time) she was 8months old and when I weighed her during the palpate date (2 weeks after breeding)...
  10. Alibo

    Due in 3 days or 3 weeks?? New Babies!

    Just wanted some second opinions, Una, our pygmy is keeping me guessing again! She is heavily pregnant, this will be her 2nd freshening. I have her calendered to kid on Saturday but I run my buck all year long. I feel confident doing this because I only have 5 does and I am out there for hours...