pregnant ewe

  1. A

    Pregnant ewe with scouts help!

    Good morning The evening before yesterday my ram rammed through our gate into our chicken area and our 3 ewes and him got out. They went straight for the chicken coop and gorged them selves on chicken feed. 2 ewes had diarrhea the ewe who is further along probably about 4 months pregnant is...
  2. farmingwithfive

    Icelandic ewe relentlessly butting her 2 herdmates( including 1 goat)

    hi everyone, I have only a few years experience keeping livestock, but I've kept icelandic sheep and goats together in the past, no problem ( they can even share minerals) so my current herd is only 3, my very pregnant nubian goat and 2 icelandic ewes(possibly pregnant, were with the ram for...
  3. newton the goat

    any bets for when she is due?

    So my ewe is seriously pregnant though she doesnt have an udder yet i know that she is over two months (been keeping a very close eye on them daily watching how the have changed etc) Her vulva looks normal but recently her personality has turned to the exact opposite it was previously. Instead...