1. B

    Mini Pig Pregnancy

    Hi everyone! I’m completely new to this site (I’ve browsed conversations for years but never took part or posted) but I recently got a female mini pig, and I’m curious if she is pregnant. I’ll share as much info as I know about her, which isn’t very much. We’re calling her ‘Pig Pig’ for now...
  2. M

    Ram breeding pregnant ewes?

    I have 5 ewe lambs and one ram. The ewes were born end of February 2020 and the ram end of January 2020. The ram went in with the ewes on October 13, 2020. After 2 heat cycles it appeared all of the ewes were bred as they didn't go back into heat. I left the ram in with the ewes so that he...
  3. M

    Does my goat really pregnant?

    I’m not sure if my goat is pregnant?
  4. shepherdO

    Help solve the Great Katahdin Mystery of 2019

    Here's the lowdown: The suspect: Nibbles, a older-ish (specific, I know) katahdin ewe, who's had multiples in the past, including quads last year, only one of which survived due to crazy tangling and mal-presentations. I can't remember if she was late or early, but I THINK she was a day late...
  5. HairyRedFairy

    Doe with Diarrhea and Lameness — HELP!!

    I just recently purchased an 8 year old pregnant doe. She seemed healthy, stool was fine, she was walking and eating— basically no problems. A couple of days ago she started having “pudding” constancy diarrhea, and laying down often. We thought the kids were just getting heavy. It’s been two or...
  6. Rosetta

    Pregnant or fat?

    My 1 1/2 year old pygmy/Nigerian dwarf nanny. We think she's pregnant but we're not sure. If she is, she'd be due in March. We wouldn't want to go outside one day and find dead baby goat(s) because we weren't sure whether or not she was preggo. Her stomach is tight, and hard. But her udders...
  7. R

    Pregnant Doe - Should I Take Her?

    I am in the Southern Maryland area and looking for a Fainting Goat to purchase. I prefer doeling or buckling. I responded to an ad and really liked this 2 year old small goat with the colors I wanted. In later talks with owner it was mentioned that doe had been exposed to a male goat in August...
  8. CourtneySC24

    New happy healthy babies!

    Joyful had her babies yesterday morning! Two big, beautiful, and healthy does. Mom and babies are all strong and doing great! We’re so thankful that it’s been such a smooth birth, nearly a completely hands off experience. (Besides the iodine umbilical cord dip) After losing a doe last week...
  9. CourtneySC24

    Stillborn kid, very sick Doe? Help!

    This is our first experience with kidding goats and so far it’s been absolutely tragic. One of our does had a premature stillborn on Monday night. (She was due at the end of June.) She’s always been the least dominant in the herd so a little on the skinnier side compared to the other two...
  10. CourtneySC24

    Pregnant Does with Lice, used Prozap dust, can I apply CyLence?

    We have three pregnant does. I bathed one of them last week and didn't see any bugs on her.. but now she seems to be infested with little white larvae looking bugs and some larger darker lice looking bugs. After reading up I believe its sucking lice. We've never experienced this before, but I...
  11. MatthewsHomestead


    So PopEye and Olive, our two potbelly pigs have been courting and doing the piggy do.... They stopped doing all of that and now just act like an old married couple. How do I tell if she is indeed preggers?
  12. Magon VanWagner

    Pregnant pot belly got milk 25 hrs ago

    My pregnant mini potbelly got her milk in a little over 25hrs ago and still no babies i have spent nights in the pen with her she gets upset when i leave. Its 4 am here and im still with her should i be concerned that she hasnt started atlctive labor this long after getting her milk in and is...
  13. Erulissa

    Pregnant French Angora... Should I shave her?

    I have a pregnant French Angora who is due on the 30th. She is my first. I had a friend, who doesn't own angoras, recommend shaving her to keep things clean. I've seen people who leave them be, and others who shave. I was hoping to get some opinions/experiences on this as I'd rather save her the...
  14. M

    Rescue pig possibly pregnant?????

    We took in a potbelly June 2 that was found on the road by a sherif deputy. Over the last month she's seemed to get a milk line and gained weight. I keep going back and forth with thinking she's pregnant. Are there any other reasons they could develop teats? They aren't tight and full or...
  15. Hawaiianhighlandsfarm

    False pregnancy?

    Hey everyone it's been a while since I've been on here cuz things have been going good for my little ewe. I put her to a ram on the 18 the of April. She had all the signs of pregnancy but she hasn't lambed yet. Her udders are still flat but she has colostrum. She is a clun forest for those of...
  16. F

    Ingrown Horns

    My mini zebu cow is about six year old now and her horns, which had always had a downward angle, took a sudden inward turn. Before the turn, Rose's horns would have grown past her face but are now angling for her eyes. She's heavily pregnant, with her due date somewhere in the next week at most...
  17. Thetinyfearlesshomestead

    New Doe Turning Her Nose Up At Food

    New goat owner here, any advice is welcome. I have a new doe (Dani) that I moved to our little farm on the 19th. She's a it skinny, and her previous owners complained of not being able to keep weight on her - but ever since we got her, she turns her nose up at all the food we've offered her...
  18. CapraCurry

    Physical pregnancy signs?

    Hello fellow goat owners! My Nigerian dwarf doe, Bella, was officially bred for the first time on October 28th when I suspected that she was in heat. She wasn't showing very many signs- however her pen mate, Asteria, was showing ALL the signs. Bella has never really shown any big signs of being...
  19. freechicken

    Possible chlamydia outbreak - advice please!

    I have a total of five does in my herd, three of which are bred and due to deliver within the next nine days. The other two are doelings that haven't been bred yet and are new additions to the herd. One of my pregnant does, a first freshener, began to have a little discharge last Sunday. At...
  20. M

    Advice/Opinion on possible pregnancy?

    Okay, I bought two does in mid/late January, the 17th if I remember correctly. According to seller they are both 2 yrs old and both successfully kid once previously. He had them with an 8mo buck, so there is a chance they are pregnant. Now, my question is this: at least 2 weeks ago one of...