pygmy goat

  1. Rustic Green Acres

    How do you tell the difference between Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy?

    Newbie mini goat owner here. I am trying to figure out if my goats are Nigerian dwarf or pygmy? They where sold as Nigerian. But upon seeing some Nigerians, mine seem very stocky. It doesn't really matter what they are, I just want to know what I am looking at.
  2. cgrenga

    Lathargic baby goat

    Good morning - I recently joined the group - hoping to learn some great tips from this group!! We recently adopted this cutie - meet Chewy! He's one of the family and has four dog brothers. He is 13 weeks old and has learned to drink from a bowl and is enjoying the fresh (and dead) grass...
  3. lunalover

    Pygmy Goat Showmanship

    Hi there everyone! New here and so happy to be here! :woot I procrastinated and now I have a goat showmanship show coming up in 3 days. I just got my first pygmy goat in March, and she is only 7 months old. I've done dairy goat showmanship for 2 years and I know the basics, setting up and such...
  4. C

    4 week old indoor baby goat with lice. How do I treat?

    Hi all, I've recently inherited a 3(now 4 week as of today) old baby dwarf pygmy that was rejected by his mama at birth. His previous owner had him inside, but is no longer able to keep up with the feedings because of work, so now he lives here. BUT today...I found what looks like eggs....and...