1. A

    New to goats feed question

    Hi everyone, so I have a friend who wants two pygmy goats and wishes me to house them. I have also been planning on adding Nigerian Dwarf goats to my farm and thought it would be a good idea to get them all at the same time so I can have a decent size herd to start and no one will get lonely...
  2. FinleyFarm

    New Goat Owner from Cache Valley Utah

    Hello fellow goat owners! I am so glad to find a forum where I can ask questions and share information. We have five goats; two Nigerian Dwarfs and three Pygmys. My oldest daughter is 24-years-old and has Autism. It has always been a dream of ours to have a small farm with animals that she...
  3. M

    75% Nigerian 25% Pygmy

    We are considering buying a purebred Nigerian dwarf female who has been exposed to a buck who is half Nigerian half Pygmy. We are interested in goats for milk. We figure the offspring would still be good milkers, but maybe stockier. Anyone experience this cross before? Thanks!
  4. K

    4 week Pygmy, how to I get it to take a bottle?

    Help! My 4 week old Pygmy twins mom is gone and I need to get them on the bottle, but obviously they are terrified and refusing. They are eating grain and hay and drinking water but I don't know how to get the milk replacer into them. Any advice?! Thanks a bunch!!!!
  5. BrittanyLeigh

    Pygmy exercise, HELP!

    I am new to goats ... I recently 'adopted' 2 pygmy goats. They are leash trained and I have started walking them around the neighborhood. Which they (and all the neighborhood kids) love. I would like to take them hiking eventually but I do not know how much exercise is too much? As long as these...
  6. Kaye

    Nigerian dwarf over Pygmy does

    Elvis went to stud these two beautiful pygmy ladies. Jazzy and Speckles. Jazzy is Speckles mother. This isSpeckles first estrus and Elvis is full on in his first rut. He could smell these girls from the highway and made sure the back of the truck smelled like a buck in rut. Nice. So now I smell...
  7. courtneycdietz

    What color is my Nigerian?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to goats, I have had two pygmy's for a year now, and I just bought a little Nigerian boy this spring. My Dream is to be a hobby farmer, but that besides the point! I have researched and scoured the internet, but I can't seem to figure out what color his coat is...
  8. Kaye

    Elvis the 'Pygmy'??

    I went and got a Pygmy goat two days ago. He is so BEAUTIFUL!! I knew when I got him that I wasn't sure already that he was Pygmy. But I fell in love with him anyway, with his freckles on his nose and ears. I think maybe he's a mix?? He's seven months old and intact. We honestly don't care what...
  9. savanna

    2-3 week old bottle Pygmy kid isn't playing or jumping around

    yesterday I bought a 2-3week old Pygmy kid. He was taken from his mom a week ago and was started on whole milk bottle feeding. He is so adorable and loves cuddling soooo much. But that seems to be all he's doing. He just sits with me or sleeps on me since I got him. If I get up he'll yell for me...
  10. JessicaPygmyDwarf

    Younge Pygmy Accidental Pregnancy?

    I'm a newer goat owner, after my Uncle decided to add them to his farm, I did a lot of research, and got myself a goat. Saving up to find her a companion, I planned to wither after I got a baby from the two. But in my infinite wisdom, I had mistaken that the maturity date (at a 1yr old) for a...