1. A

    Trees and Goats

    Hi all, I'm planning my property for when I buy goats (hopefully next year). I'm planning on using a two pasture rotation method but the area I'm planning on using is without shade. I'm thinking of planting some trees but want to use something the goats could eat. I have a lot of Junipers on...
  2. First Time Goat.Mum

    Purple Disbudding Spots?

    So today I decided to research and make sure our goats were properly disbudded and banded. After looking at a few things I saw that ours were not as most people’s looked. From what I saw most were brown and copper but ours are a deep purple. The dsibudding was done about two weeks ago but the...
  3. Goat Shaman

    Pig Questions

    I'm considering getting pigs, so I have some questions. Some may be irrelevant to a first time pig owner, but I'm curious. I'm currently reading a book that answers some of these questions, but other opinions from experienced pig owners would be helpful. Is it okay to start with one gilt, and...