rabbit care

  1. K

    Anyone aware of any intro vet classes for rabbits?

    We raise rabbits for meat, but enjoy them as creatures as well. Over the years we've had a few health issues and some cropped up this week. It made me wonder, are there introductory vet classes available? Rabbit health classes available? Has anyone ever heard of anything like that? I would love...
  2. KariBunny

    Beding for Run?

    Hi everyone I have 3 bunnies inside the house before now I have them in hutches outside. What can I use for beding on the Run, I'm concerned about them getting sick if they are just laying down in the dirt. How many times do I have to clean and how? Thank you and God bless :)
  3. KariBunny

    New Member <3 Question on Keeping Bunnies outside :)

    Hi Everyone, i have 3 bunnies outside in Hutch. What can i use for beding on the run? Thank you and God Bless :)
  4. LukeMeister

    The Care of Outdoor Rabbits

    LukeMeister submitted a new resource: The Care of Outdoor Rabbits - This is how I care for my rabbits outside. Read more about this resource...