1. BranscumFarm

    Introduction thread

    Hello all! My husband and I started raising meat rabbits back in January and have been searching for some forums to get ideas/share our own experiences. Found this forum and joined hoping to learn. Right now we have 4 does including one from a champion bloodline, and 2 bucks (also from a...
  2. Becca'sBunnyBarn

    Tattoo Pens, What Brand Is Best?

    As my rabbitry expands, I'm looking in to purchasing a tattoo pen. Just wanted to know some of your thoughts on the subject. What brand do you suggest? What works for you and why? Also I'm looking for an affordable Pedigree computer program, one that I can not only do pedigrees, but also one...
  3. MastiffWoodsRabbitry

    Hi from Washington!

    Hi, My name is Ashlei and I own (along with my mother) Mastiff Woods Rabbitry. We breed purebred, pedigreed, brood, show and pet quality Standard Rex, Jersey Wooly, and soon, Holland Lops :) We've recently gotten into a couple Silver Fox rabbits, and also have decided to do some meat breeding...