1. C

    TX - Gulf Coast Ram (no longer available)

    TX, near Houston. GCN intact ram born 1/31/2019 available for sale. Twin, polled, sired by a registered ram, pictured beside him below. This sweetheart (we call him Chesterton) loves chin-scratchings. His father is a good-tempered registered GCN who peaceably stays with the ewes year-round...
  2. Beekissed

    Feelin' a bit sheepish...

    ...and loving it! Getting back into sheep in a small way and need a place to journal about it all. Starting again with Katahdins, my fave breed, and will keep a very small herd of one full time ram, a wether and a few ewes until I see what my pasture can support. Won't have the wether until...
  3. shepherdO

    Terminal Sire Decision: Single or Twin?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of choosing a ram for my flock of commercial ewes. There's a great Texel farm locally which I visited, and was astounded by the quality animals there. Anyhoo, I'm looking to purchase one of their young rams to use as my new breeding ram in the fall. The one that...
  4. shp123

    katahdin breeding

    Hi all, this is my first post on this site. We are new sheep owners with no prior experience. We added a small herd of 4 katahdin to our homestead just before Christmas, 3 ewes and a ram. Two of the ewes have given birth to two female lambs. We are expecting the big ewe to birth twins. All...
  5. shepherdO

    Should I keep a ram year-round?

    Okay, so I need some help making a decision. I currently have a ram that I bought this fall for breeding. He's a nice Shropshire over Texel. Not huge, but nicely built, as far as I can tell (not an expert). He bred all my ewes (9) without a problem, and all took within the first cycle (all...
  6. WindyIndy

    OK, I have another one...

    ... Sorry everyone but I have another ram. I know the pic is a bad one but it's the only one I have. Do you all think he's a katahdin? Owner thinks he is but no papers to prove it
  7. Matt n Lee

    Sheep Shenanigans

    Just a little fun in the morning with the sheep. They are such great homestead animals. We love them! Also if any of this stuff on our channel interests you please like/subscribe/share it really means the world to us and the channel. :)
  8. Matt n Lee

    The Randy Ram

    Some excitement with the flock :) Enjoy
  9. Matt n Lee

    Mike the ram meats the new girls

    Hello all, Just wanted to post a little video to introduce ourselves. We have been on backyard chickens for some time now, but with our Katahdin flock growing we thought we would jump over here and say hello :)
  10. MiniBarnFarm


    I already have 1 wether, he's my not so little baby boy, and also have 3 ewe's - in a couple of days I have the chance to look through a friends herd of newly weaned lambs I really want another boy, I find them more friendly I just can't help but worry about the first wether's thoughts on having...
  11. Grumblebeast

    Will wethering calm an adult ram?

    Short Question: Will wethering calm an adult ram? Long Story: We have a ram, Ollie, who’s about a year old now. He was a bottle baby and our first sheep. In spite of our best efforts we made mistakes in handling him while he was a wee thing. He was sort of raised as if he were a hybrid between...